Mitsubishi TV DLP Chip instead of Required

Is your Mitsubishi projection TV having actually dead pixels, or so-called white dots ~ above the screen?

In this post, you will recognize where to find a replacement DLP chip to settle your Mitsubishi projection TV dead pixels errors.

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Does your Mitsubishi TVs are full of white dots after ~ a few years that playing? If yes, you need to replace a new DMD Chip or called DLP chip for your Mitsubishi projection TVs.

As Mitsubishi tv DMD chip is just one of the crucial parts for every DLP estimate TV. In the beginning, it will happen one white period if your TVs have actually been used for a few years.

If you perform not replace the Mitsubishi tv DMD chip when you find one or 2 white dots from her TV display screen at once, there will be more and much more white dots appear from your image within pair weeks.

Therefore, we need to buy a brand-new Mitsubishi tv DMD chip if her Mitsubishi / Toshiba / Samsung tv has a few years that the projection. This is the just solution to solve your white dots on display screen error.

Where to buy a instead of Mitsubishi tv DMD chip

There are lots of Mitsubishi tv DMD chip sellers in the market.

But all of them are selling these tiny DLP chips in ~ a various price because they desire to do a various profit native it.

You have the right to buy that from the original Samsung / Mitsubishi / Toshiba online store or business center. Which might be fee you more than $300.00 to gain the replacement chip.

And friend can additionally buy the from your regional repairing center and also ask them come exchange it for you.

However, the Mitsubishi projection TVs are used TVs i beg your pardon has gone to least 5 year old, no one wishes to invest $150.00 in repairing dues and more than $350 for the Mitsubishi tv DMD chip indigenous the repairman.

Now, what have the right to we do to save investment to purchase a brand-new Mitsubishi TV chip and replace that ourselves?

Here is creating the short article to share wherein to invest a replacement original Mitsubishi tv DMD chip at the finest price and do change it you yourself step-by-step.

Stores you deserve to buy a replacement Mitsubishi TV DMD Chip

Check for The 800 Reviews for The Chip

And the following store advertises as a brand brand-new chip sells in ~ $156.75 i beg your pardon is lot cheaper compared to the Amazon. And which comes v a 90 days warranty.

Check it the end on Aliexpress


The chip we attached not just works because that Mitsubishi TVs, but likewise for Samsung and also Toshiba TVs. Inspect your TV model is in the list below.


WD-57734 WD-60638 WD-60733 WD-60735 WD-65736 WD-60737 WD-60738 WD-60833 WD-60837 WD-60C8 WD-60C9 WD-65638 WD-65733 WD-65734 WD-65735 WD-65737 WD-65738 WD-65833 WD-65837 WD-65838 WD-65C9 WD-73638 WD-73733 WD-73734 WD-73735 WD-73737 WD-73738 WD-73833 WD-73838 WD-73C11 WD-73C8 WD-73C9 WD-75837 WD-82737 WD-82738 WD-82838




57HM167 65HM167

Besides a new chip, you require a an excellent heatsink.

Like a laptop CPU, the DMD chip is also hot because of the estimate lamp irradiate projecting ~ above it. The main duty of the heatsink for the DMD chip is to eliminate the chip and the chipboard gaps or spaces in order to maximize heat transfer. As a very high warmth conductive paste, the heatsink conducts the warmth from the DMD chip to the chipboard. And also cooled under by the fans. Through its protection, the instead of chip can work much longer compare to there is no the warmth sink.

There are essentially three varieties of heat pastes. The metal-based, ceramic-based and also silicon-based. We extremely recommend using the metal-based one as it has the finest performance that the three.

Check it the end on Amazon

How to change the chip

To replace the brand-new DLP chip is an extremely easy if you know exactly how to usage your screwdriver.

But before doing this, I imply you should prepare a camera. Since it compelled you come unplug part connectors inside of Mitsubishi tv and also take turn off some little parts that the TV.

In case of forgetting the correct place of the plugin and the equipment position as soon as we reinstall that back, the is much better for united state to use a camera come take images to step by step once you disassemble the old damaged chip.

If you space a skilled repairing guy or technician, it will never difficult for you to exchange a Mitsubishi tv DMD chip.

Never fear of it even if you to be a mrs or brand-new to any kind of repairing. Together I found a evaluation from the Amazon, a 69 year old woman with no electric experience has the chip instead of by complying with the procedures in the video below in less than 1 hour. She simply took lots of photos as we suggested above to help her remember where the screws and also wires go.

And here is the action by step video clip created by Shop Jimmy company.

My Tips as soon as You Tear The TV set Down

Take photos when disassembling every component of the TV. Even if the is no too daunting to take under the TV parts, but sometimes you may forget plugging in among the wire. That might cause another error, and also make friend restart it.Keep the screws in a separated labeled containersThis action will help you re-assemble the TV quick when you finish replacing the chip.

Now it’s your rotate to replace your broken Mitsubishi TV Chip

We hope this article showed you every little thing you have to fix her Mitsubishi, Samsung or Toshiba TV white dots/ dead pixels on display error.

Now I’d like to hear your take:

What any other device you still require to assist you replace the damaged chip?

What any kind of other beneficial suggestions or tips as soon as you instead of or dissembling the parts?

Either way, let us recognize in the comments section below.

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