Mickey and also Minnie mouse are the OG pair who made you think in fairytales and all things magical. Actually, they are the definition of connection goals, and have to be sweet ~ above each other for decades. If you’re walking to try to emulate any type of famous pairing, it need to be this two. That’s exactly why you need some Mickey and also Minnie captions because that couples.

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On your next day night with bae, you may want to snap a few selfies since you"re just that cute. You can be two Disney lovers who room looking to have actually a romantic night at one of the parks. After enjoy it dinner at one of Disney"s fun restaurants, take a stroll along Pixar Pier or cuddle nearby in a doom Buggy on The Haunted Mansion.

Cheese the up and snap your date night take self in front of the castle, or uncover Mickey or Minnie to take it a photo with. Pose v your eight intertwined, and also maybe you"ll have actually a little cheek kiss or foot pop activity going on. The photograph will it is in adorable top top its own, however using any kind of of this 35 Mickey and also Minnie Instagram captions — with possibly a couple of heart eye emojis — will aid spread the love.

1. "You"re the Mickey to my Minnie."

2. "Our love all started with a mouse."

3. "You make me laugh from ear to ear."

4. "Oh Mickey, you"re so fine, you"re so fine, you punch my mind." — Toni Basil, "Mickey"

5. "You much better bow-lieve exactly how much ns love you."

6. "It"s constantly mice when you"re around."


Rachel Chapman
7. "It was glove at first sight."

8. "Aren"t girlfriend sweet?" — Minnie Mouse

9. "There"s nothing Minnie about my love for you."

10. "You"re therefore bowtiful."

11. "Cheesin" real hard for you."

12. "Cheesin" like our 2 favorite mice."

13. "I"ll love you because that ears and also ears."

14. "We"re simply a mouse-loving couple."

15. "You"re a Disney fab 5 out of five to me."

16. "Ah... Mickey and also Minnie Mouse. Oh! look at Daisy! Mickey and I have actually the same last name." — Minnie mouse in Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The three Musketeers

17. "Well, it need to be destiny." — Daisy in Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The three Musketeers

18. "I"m simply a modest computer mouse in love through you."


Rachel Chapman
19. "You"ve gained the Mickey to my heart."

20. "Get you a bae that looks in ~ you the means Mickey looks at Minnie."

21. "Felt cute, can go to Disneyland with each other later."

22. "Mickey and Minnie already share a last name together. Now that"s the definition of MFEO."

23. "If you be my Mickey, I"ll be your Minnie."

24. "Oh boy!" — Mickey Mouse

25. "Mickey and also Minnie are #couplegoals."


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"We go together prefer Mickey and also Minnie."

27. "Let"s to buy a residence in Toontown and also live there happily ever after together."