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284 pages. Booksmith trading card v the author's picture laid in. Signed by the author. In chronicling the impacts of his disease on his identity, this memoirist explores society's constructed meaning of maleness. Due to the fact that of a light tumor, for lot of his life Baker endured from impotence, female-pattern fat, and also a hold of medical and emotional problems. Right here he tackles identity and gender worries with the scrutiny of a journalist. The true story of a man's find for sex-related identity; the amazing discovery of a rare mind tumor; and the resulting restored hormonal health. Seller list # 44629

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Title: male Made: A Memoir of mine Body

Publisher: Jeremy P. Tarcher, new York

Publication Date: 2001

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition: very good

Dust coat Condition: very good

Signed: Signed by Author(s)

Edition: an initial Edition. An initial Printing.

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A one-time star hockey goalie-turned-journalist explains his destructive experiences v a rare mind tumor that resulted in his body to be flooded with massive quantities of woman hormone that destroyed his sex drive and hampered his sexual performance, his year of torment, and also the brain surgery that removed his sexual dysfunction. 20,000 first printing.


Ken Baker was a working-class boy from Buffalo, new York, that dreamed the playing experienced hockey; his idea of masculinity was created by a father who chain-smoked, warned his sons that "girls will damage your life" (he had to marry the author"s pregnant mother), and also sneered at doctors" warnings to mend his bad habits--"You gotta die of something." however Baker had actually a tumor in his brain that submarine his body with the female hormone prolactin; that leaked milk indigenous his nipples and could hardly ever have an erection. His wince-inducing memoir pulls no punches and also uses no euphemisms in telling what the was prefer to it is in a sexually dysfunctional man in a sex-saturated society. Woman readers might take a details grim satisfaction in learning that men, too, can feel vulnerable and also sexually exploited, yet most will just marvel in ~ Baker"s willingness to disclose the gory details of his failure-riddled sex life. Although he makes some high-minded claims around the insights he got from his ordeal ("I was able to journey to a biological place few men will ever know.... My manhood this day is stronger because of it"), what"s really gripping here is his blow-by-blow account that what the felt favor to dread sex rather of follow it, to method intercourse as a test fairly than a pleasure. We can only be relieved the surgery restored him come hormonally regular masculinity at age 27, although the girlfriend who stood by him v it and also then listened come him explode v testosterone-charged rage once she complained around his succeeding insensitivity can disagree. Baker"s slick prose shows his background in celebrity journalism (he functioned at People and is currently a senior writer at Us), but there"s no denying the fascinating of his bizarre story. --Wendy Smith

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