I like the series. I just don't know why a singer who does neither speak german nor english is forced to sing a song in which she cannot pronounce half the words. I had to listen to this song several times until i understood that it's actually english and not a fantasy language with the word Edelweiß thrown in. I have to laugh every time she sings Edelweiß. The 9th time, i became aware that she sings "blossom" and not blosh-mosh.

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Is this some trick to show us that also people with a lisp are humans and should be loved, or what stands behind this all?


I actually like it. I feel like it adds to the kind of eerie bizarro world, but there have been a lot of complaints about it on here.

If you don't already know the lyrics to this song, I must prescribe "The Sound of Music" on repeat for the duration of the Christmas season until you know it by heart and get excited every time that you hear it. It's just what the doctor ordered.

No. As someone who lives in Salzburg i could not care less for this cheesy american movie. I did watch it once, just to see what it is all about because all the tourists are crazy about it. It's really unpopular in Austria and very few know about it. This movie is a corny flick that gives completely wrong impressions about Austria.

Now pardon me, i have to get into my lederhosn and head out for my yodeling seminar.

Edelweiss was actually written in 1959 for The Sound of Music...by two Jewish guys, Rodgers and Hammerstein. So it's kind of a supremely ironic choice since the song probably wouldn't exist in the first season's timeline.

Because of the pronounciation, I thought it was sang by an Asian lady at first. Like Wing, from that episode of South Park.

I checked IMDB and it's some Swedish session singer called Jeanette Olsson.

That is so strange.. She can sing an s. So it's a pseudo asian pronunciation? Any ideas?


Yeah, it's the only part of the show I can't stand. I just skip it whenever a new episode starts.

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Hello who knows... I couldn't get past the second episode without feeling like the spirit of PKD was going to start screaming at the screen through me. I'm going to wait and watch every out all at once during Christmas and give it a second try.