That is just one of the many moments giving me hope and chills in among the recent Rogue One trailers. That is spoken by the beautiful Diego Luna:

An American v Mexican heritage, i have had a terrible week. I’ve never intended for this blog come touch top top politics and that’s not transforming now, yet that doesn’t that mean I can hide my heartache and disappointment. I’ve lost count on how often I’ve cried mirroring on how fifty percent of the nation elected an unqualified “business” man who has had actually several bankruptcies, cheated employees the end of payment, called Mexican immigrants as a totality rapists and also criminals, mocked the disabled, mocked our very own veterans that taken place to be detainees of war as soon as this guy himself has dodged the draft number of times, normalized speak of sexual assault and also abuse, called for identification equipment for Muslims (sound familiar? Hitler did the to the Jews) and has been endorsed through the KKK. Human being say to me, “oh Rita, you’re American, you’re okay”. Fine no shit, I’m American. However the kind of human being that the man has actually incited a hatred of minorities in…those people see no distinction in who whose family members recently immigrated here to who who has been below for 4 generations now. All they view is our brown skin. And also this despicable excuse because that a man decided one the the many anti-gay politicians I’ve ever seen to it is in his running mate. I fear for all of us who are different. Ns mourn the struggles some have currently faced in the wake up of this tragedy and also I grieve the future come come. I have no hope anymore.

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So, ns have chose to continue thinking about the things that do me happy…naturally, among those points is Star Wars and how nearby we space to the very first stand-alone Star battles story, Rogue One! I need this movie for this reason badly appropriate now. I require Jyn Erso’s earnest hope and also glowing determination. I need Captain Cassian Andor for his darling Mexican self being a leader. I require the severely war-scarred observed Guerrera because that his passion and also for his Clone battles ties; the fact that we are seeing a character from the Clone Wars series in a live activity film is simply amazing. I just need every one of it for this reason much. I require this tiny group that diverse civilization coming with each other to struggle something much bigger than they are, come fight the evil and oppressive Empire. I should see them obtain those fatality Star plans. I’m honestly quite in love through Jyn and Cassian in what I’ve seen in the trailers so far; Jyn in all of her ass-kicking glory, saying “We have actually hope. Rebellions are constructed on hope.”, Cassian speak “make 10 men feel choose 100,”.

Surely you have actually heard that a transaction mechanism recognized as sleeve therapy…I couldn’t help but engage this previous weekend as soon as I witnessed the exclude, Funko Pop! Captain Cassian Andor bobblehead in ~ Target:


And yes, that’s a hint to the civilization that know and also love me that need principles to to buy me points for Christmas! Also, i still don’t have any type of of the persons of Jyn Erso. I require some, though. There’s several various versions that her; ns love all of them except the one wherein she’s in the black royal suit. Clear she rocks and looks amazing, yet I as with the various other ones that record her true character’s essence. So, preferably her key outfit, hood or no hood.

Look at just how perfect Cassian Andor looks next to other Star battles Latino Poe Dameron:

However, while i love Poe in his trip suit, I desire one without his helmet. Because mmmmmmmmm:

The one the I want that displayed this sexiness is a Wal-Mart exclusive, yet I’ve discovered a couple of on eBay. I’m probably simply going to buy him for myself the next time I’m feeling really down. But I’ll reduced myself off simply for this week, because just today, I likewise required this Funko Pop! bobblehead of one more Star battles rebel:

Finally got the Mandalorian-masked Sabine from Star battles Rebels at simply the second Walgreens ns checked! She fits in quite well v the remainder of my darling Funko Pop! Star wars bobbleheads:

Christmas list chance for world that love me: i don’t even know if they will certainly be exit in time, but Funko Pop! is collection to release much more Star battles Rebels bobbleheads. Sabine and also Ahsoka were the first ones, and they both exclusives; Sabine come Walgreens and Ahsoka to hot Topic. I’m pretty sure the other numbers will be all over that these tiny guys are frequently carried, choose Target, Wal-Mart, hot Topic, etc. All I desire is Hera.

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Possibly Kanan and Ezra together well, however all ns need is Hera:

I love having all of my favorite Star Wars characters together choose this. Store them coming, Funko!

OH, and back to Cassian and also Poe do me so happy because they’re both sexy and Latino (like me