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published at 26th of march 2019 2:11 amVolume 20, chapter 4

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The following morning.

Two girls, standing looking away and also with false expression on his face, Tatsuya told the plans because that today.

- Today, together planned, we will certainly go come the island that Kume.

It was not a surprise, as yesterday, it was planned from the an extremely beginning.

But there to be no direct link with the mission. If girlfriend have complimentary time, you should look in ~ an synthetic island, which need to be protected, adhering to the place "if there is time after all the affairs." The key goal for today is tourism. Yesterday the main was Miyuki"s gift, and today the key thing is come carelessly kill time.

Will the mission be perfect if the party because that the perfect of the fabricated island building and construction on the 28th is properly defended? However, in order to avoid a diversion in advance, the is vital to deprive the foe of the ability to conduct military operations, and also for this it is necessary to find out whereby the main pressures of the foe are hidden. And also the search is the work of the army. The succession of Tatsuya will not come until these main foe forces room found.

Arriving in Okinawa, and also spending part days in the hotel, Tatsuya felt that this was a garbage of time. He did not want to go the end to look at for foreign magicians, simply due to the fact that it was no his job.

That"s why Tatsuya decided to have actually a day off today.

- leave at 8:30. CAD"s deserve to be taken on board the aircraft.

In this environment, this was no something that requirements to it is in repeated. In many cases, windy officials are allowed to bring CAD"s top top the permission that the police. Students of the university of Magic, and also students of schools of Magic instantly have such permission. Therefore this is no the privilege the the Ten understand Clans. However, in return, there is a duty to save human being in emergencies.

-Preparation is complete. Tatsuya-sama and Miyuki-sama had only come change.

-Good job.

"First we"ll go and also have breakfast."

Miyuki thanked Minami for she diligence, and Tatsuya take it them come the hotel restaurant, where breakfast was wait for them.

◊ ◊ ◊

-Tatsuya-san! - entering the exit hall that the airport, Tatsuya heard a voice indigenous the side.

- Honoka. In addition to Shizuku?

The voice that was called belonged come Honoka. Beside her was standing Shizuku. Tatsuya was no surprised by the illustration of this two. The heard indigenous Miyuki about the invitation to go on a pilgrimage from them. And likewise that the purpose of your trip and also the function of the assignment overlap.

- Yeah. Great morning.

In addition to Honoka and also Shizuku there were other familiar faces.

"Nakajou-senpai, an excellent morning."

-Good morning. Miyuki-san and the guys, room you also on the island of Kume?


-We experienced you at the current ceremony that the buddhist festival the Higan, and also thought that it would certainly be quite to fulfill somewhere, and by possibility coincided.

"I additionally heard the the sempai would certainly go to Kume Island, therefore we thought that we would probably meet."

Miyuki listened to Azusa"s speech because that a long time, nodding, and then subsequently she greeted Hattori, Isori, Kanon, Kirihara, Sayaka and also Sawaki.

It was not a pre-planned meeting. However even with randomness, it was not surprising. The time of arrival of their trip was 9:00. A good time to setup a expedition from the key island the Okinawa to the island that Kume for sightseeing. The coincidence to be a date, but the coincidence of time to be inevitable.

"We have currently agreed v Mitsui-san, yet will the agency of Miyuki- san join us?"

As Azusa said, Tatsuya company of 3 people, Honoka and Shizuku - 2 more, Azusa firm of seven people, a complete of 12 world were wait for landing. Needless to say, she had actually in mind that she was inviting to invest time with each other on the island that Kume.

Miyuki looked in ~ Tatsuya through the expression "What must I do?" top top the face.

-Not a poor idea. Tatsuya nodded and answered so the Azusa could hear that too. Having answered "Yes" Tatsuya, Miyuki turned ago to Azusa.

"Please take treatment of us." Miyuki bowed politely. Without asking the consent of Hattori, Isori and others, Tatsuya determined everything because that them.

Arriving top top the island of Kume, a team of students and graduates of very first High an initial swept approximately the island top top a boat organized through Shizuku v a transparent bottom. In the original plan, several places were rented for this boat, however with the rise in the number of people, Shizuku rented the whole boat for 1 round.

As supposed from the household of Ushio, one of the leading wealthy families in Japan, the inquiry sent prior to departure was already satisfied through the arrival.

From the airport to the port of Kanegusuku in a right line about 5 km.

After getting to the port on the rented bicycles, the group, after a short wait, boarded the ship.


-It"s amazing...

Kanon provided a gleeful cry, and also Azusa uttered words of admiration. Their surprised was not an exaggeration.

The ship, rented through the Ushio family for Shizuku, was a semi-submersible kind with windows permitting to clock the sea likewise on the sides.

But the word "window" come this delivery was not suitable. Through the exemption of the nose and stern, each of the sides of the submerged component of the ship was totally transparent. The floor is also virtually all transparent, other than for a tiny part. The see from there was a full underwater panorama.

Not only the underwater view, but also the check out from the deck was wonderful. It was a view of white beaches, a diverse rocky terrain, whereby the rocks were checked out in miscellaneous bizarre shapes. The pupils and also graduates of very first High were liven running up and also down the ship.

Having skirted the southern extremity of Kume Island, the delivery headed north-east and also stopped at the coast of the well known beach top top the uninhabited island that "Hateno".

-I wonder what"s going on?

-This vessel has a large underwater part, therefore they prepare a rubber watercraft for landing.

As Isori responded to the concern of Kanon, the sailors began to inflate a rubber watercraft on the deck and also attached an outboard motor to it.

Since the watercraft was six-seater, behind them they all set the second. Judging by the size and power the the engine, a human was compelled with the civil liberties to manage small vessels, however,

"Tatsuya-san, perform you have any?"

-Rights to little ships? over there is.

-Ah, I also have.

Tatsuya nodded come Shizuku"s question, then Isori elevated his hand, for this reason 12 world were able to go to the uninhabited island at the same time. Also among them, Minami had actually the exact same second-class patent as Tatsuya"s (watercraft management), and also Hattori had actually the usual license for tiny boats.

Tatsuya, Miyuki, Minami, Honoka, Shizuku, Sawaki.

Isori, Kanon, Hattori, Azusa, Kirihara, Sayaka.

Separated in this way, 12 people landed on a white beach of coral sand. Upon arrival, Sawaki jumped an initial out the the boat and Tatsuya helped the girl to descend.

"Tatsuya-sama, I"ll take treatment of the boat."

"Minami claimed to Tatsuya, who had actually completed the engine condition check.

"Very well, please."

"Please leave it come me."

Knowing the it was useless to say anything, Tatsuya instructed Minami to carry out it. Besides her, over there were some high institution students. Even if you pressure her to walk by force, she will simply worry, emotion uncomfortable. Tatsuya pertained to the conclusion that she can relax if left alone.

"Then, I"ll take treatment of the other." - Sawaki stated to Tatsuya after ~ lowering Honoka. And he went to the boat, without waiting for Tatsuya"s answer.

From there, he heard Azusa"s nervous, hurried voice speak "We room not along with Hattori-kun!", but Tatsuya said nothing, deciding the it walk not worry him. Since the events in the community did no distract us.

Honoka, that was waiting, unexpectedly took off her outer garment. Under the blouse with short sleeves to be a separate swimsuit through a height in the form of a bikini and a bottom in the type of short tight shorts. Complementing this style, her usual hairstyle with two tails, to adjust on her shoulders, developed a an extremely mature and also sexy image.

Although that is the subtropical island of Kume, it to be still March. Attract a swimsuit is a little early. That is i can not qualify that now you will find at the very least one tourist that has involved swim or dive.

Honoka"s courageous swimsuit recorded the glances not just of her fellow travelers, but also of various other tourists.

"Tatsuya-san, why execute we no go over there?"

But Honoka, ignoring the angry glances directed at she (or not reflecting it), and also pressed herself versus Tatsuya"s hand. Obviously, she pressed herself tightly to his arm. Seeing this bolder action, Miyuki opened up her eye wide. Blissfully, clapping her eyes, she stood, stunned. Capturing this moment, Honoka tried to drag Tatsuya.

Tatsuya was likewise surprised through Honoka"s assertiveness. Yet he did not relieve the grip of Honoka, not because he go not totally understand the situation. And also because it was dangerous. Honoka constantly desperately complies with his goal, as if going come the last fight. And today this impression was particularly strong.

On the confront of Honoka Tatsuya, seized through his hand, witnessed the laugh of a little devil. Therefore ... Once he observed her, he construed everything.

At the minute when Honoka looked forward, Tatsuya looked at

Miyuki. Honoka is important as a friend, however not enough to injury Miyuki"s mood.

However, Miyuki changed him the very same agitated and totally unbending look, saying "It appears that Honoka does not behave rather normally." were yesterday"s gift (not only things) to blame, yet no accusations were sent to Tatsuya.

Of course, the aggressive actions of Honoka had a prehistory.

Honoka and Shizuku arrived in Okinawa on march 25. It to be yesterday. And the work before, hardly ever acting independently from Shizuku Honoka went together with Amy and Subaru for shopping in a fashionable location in the city center.

No, Honoka and Shizuku did not quarrel or something prefer that.

Shizuku is not just a young fledgling magician, but additionally a "young lady". In stimulate to obtain a "cultural education" strange to the "mistress", she has actually many extr lessons, other than for schooling.

Before a long trip, she was an ext busy to discover "lessons" for the whole missed period in advance. That"s why prior to the expedition Shizuku can not walk anywhere.

Eimi argued "go because that a go in some cheerful crowded place."

Honoka generally did not go to locations where human being go in droves. But it was because Shizuku go not favor turmoil. The most Honoka were no disgusted through crowded places. That was rather preferable to the power radiated through the lively youth of the same age.

Thus, it was a type of attempt to enjoy a cheerful life in a city that could not be done for a lengthy time, there is no hindering the convenience the Shizuku.

They simply walked around, looking in ~ the shop windows and also sometimes purchase food, since Amy and Subaru had no certain goals. But Honoka had something she wanted to buy.

"Actually, I"m going come Okinawa tomorrow." - all of sudden spoke Honoka, when they to be sitting in one of the rapid food establishments.

"Uh, yes, really !?" - Eimi tried to hide the feeling of envy with a surprised look.

- ns know. Room you going to a party on an man-made island in Kumejima?

Subaru demonstrated she awareness, then, request Honoka: "And what?".

"I would like to buy clothing for Okinawa, however ..."

- A dress for a party? come Amy"s question, Honoka waved her head.

"Clothes, in which friend will show up before Shiba-kun?" - through the approval the Subaru Honoka did not agree and did no deny it. However shy silence to be perceived here as consent.

"That"s it, that"s why you require our advice!"

Eimi said her conclusion through the expression "Riddle solved!".

She was no mistaken.

"... What execute you think is good?" Honoka request shyly of the two.

"How about a swimsuit?" In the case of Honoka, the top should be a bikini. - Subaru"s answer to be simple.

"Uh-er !?" Honoka screamed in an embarrassed voice. If she now drank she drink, it would certainly be one eruption the a geyser.

-And, exactly, it will certainly suit her. It"s good. But is it not even now cool in Okinawa? - Eimi irresponsibly inserted her arguments into someone else"s decision.

"Not to enter the water." If it"s cold, then along with sunscreen, you can use a defense cream from the cold.

- Subaru, umnichka ~

Subaru glanced earlier at Eimi"s praise through a proud face.

- Wait! - Protested against this Honoka. - only I"ll be in a swimsuit, it"s a little ...

"It will be Kumejima, will certainly not it?" then you will absolutely visit the beach, though not swimming.

-... Probably.

-Then to wear a swimsuit will not be strange. And if the swimsuit is just on Honoka, she can prove also stronger.

-It"s a shame.

Subaru looked dispassionately at the all set to to explode Honoka.

- Honoka. - Suabaru approached this look with the surname of

Honoka. "Honoka, are you really all set to take Shiba-kun native Miyuki?"

From together a severe tone, not just Honoka, but also Eimi go not understand what come say.

"Oh, what is this evil way of questioning a question?" I know that Honoka loves Shiba-kun seriously. I think whether Honoka is serious around surpassing Miyuki? That"s what was meant.

-Well ... - for some reason Honoka might not finish the expression "Of course."

-I think Honoka understands far better than me the Miyuki cannot victory in direct competition.

-... Ns see.

Her words were a cruel reality. However, "reality" is not in every areas, because it to be a actual "battlefield" for Tatsuya"s heart.

-Despite the fact that there are minor differences between Honoka and also Miyuki, they space in basic similar. Equally rectilinear. Devotees who have tendency to gain out of control sometimes, but mostly modest.

Honoka did no answer at all. Claimed Subaru reached her one by one.

-Therefore, if you go on the attack with technique that is not various from the opponent, the distinction will it is in invisible. - reply Eimi, not Honoka. "Then." Subaru, what carry out you think you should do?

"It"s not me, but Honoka." She needs to adjust the approach.

-How exactly?

-First the all, the photo change. Honoka has a an excellent style, you have to use it as a weapon to the maximum. However you must strive to look sexy.

"Hmmm ..." Eimi agreed. Honoka just opened and also closed she mouth, but there to be no sounds.

"And then carry out what Miyuki cannot do." because that example, she is the just one in the swimsuit pressing herself v her breast.

-It"s impossible! Finally, Honoka gave a short scream. However, Eimi and also Subaru just looked in ~ her, and also then continued the meeting to discuss the strategy.

"I wonder if she can charm Shiba-kun there is no something favor that?"

-Impossible. This human is not affected by the usual childish charm. "Oh, well, it"s true ..."

"In the case, it appears that Honoka"s loss has currently been decided." execute not be fear to hazard it. Therefore in fact, Honoka?

"Y-yes ..." Honoka nodded dejectedly at this sudden words.

-Good. Subaru said, standing up. At the exact same time pulling Honoka with him.


-If friend think so, then us go to clock swimsuits now.

As if confirming she agreement, Eimi obtained up and took the cups on a tray.

"You have actually to pick brave enough."

- Uh-uh? Uh-uh?

Subaru dragged Honoka to the exit from the institution. Eimi, after handing the tray right into the dishwasher, ran to capture up v the two of them.

With together a prehistory, Honoka, hiding the shame behind the mask that a small devil, was proactively trying to obtain Tatsuya"s attention.

Whether irresoluteness is finally overcome, or believing the Tatsuya"s light- mindedness cannot be accepted prior to the graduates, Miyuki rushed come Tatsuya. Nevertheless, Honoka adopted Tatsuya"s arm much more tightly and did not let go of him.

Not only the tourist of this beach observed the make the efforts of Honoka"s seduction. Indigenous the surrounding beach "Nakano", towards the beach "Hateno" looked a middle-aged man. At the same time, he deftly moved his hand, worked in a weird portable terminal, which was seemingly incompatible through his light clothes. Tatsuya feel this look, but, since there was no difference with the see of various other curious people, the did no pay much attention come him.

◊ ◊ ◊

After return to the ship v a transparent bottom, the activity of Honoka continued. Although she threw back her blouse, the peak 3 buttons were unbuttoned, revealing a swimsuit bra.

Fortunately, there was not anyone ~ above the ship that blamed Honoka for such a shameless appearance. However, that was additionally inevitable that a team of graduates desired to store a distance.

Also inevitable was the fact that Kanon and Sayaka looked in ~ Tatsuya v reproachful glances. They also understood the Tatsuya can not bifurcate. Nevertheless, they experienced the weight of the unrequited love that this girl - Honoka. No knowing exactly how to assist the exact same girl, they can only sting Tatsuya"s rigid strictly. Seducing Honoka, restraining this Miyuki, and also showering them through reproachful glances of Kanon and Sayaka.

Tatsuya was the very first to notice that something abnormal is happening.

"Honoka, wait a little."


Tatsuya"s sudden readjust of voice perplexed Honoka. Without answering, Tatsuya disengaged indigenous Honoka and also went to the leg of the ship. Hattori, that noticed unusual signs of Tatsuya"s behavior, followed him. Hattori was followed by Sawaki and Kirihara. The three heard Tatsuya"s decided informing him of the development of one emergency.

"Captain, five hundred meter ahead, in the vicinity the the seabed girlfriend can discover the map of a warship."

- What!?

Behind Tatsuya Hattori, Sawaki and also Kirihara looked in ~ the captain"s straff face, that at that minute was already instructing the crew come send the sonar forward in the direction of the seabed.

-Found! The approximated length is 80 meters, it looks prefer a typical submarine!

"Why did something like this appear here !?" - Kanon screamed, i m sorry a tiny later 보다 the others come in an embrace with Isori.

"Maybe she"s from ours army?" - Sawaki express his assumption. However, he himself believed that the probability that this tends to zero.

"If it"s an army, then there"s no problem." however we have to take right into account other possibilities! "Hattori claimed the conversation of the hypotheses meaningless.

-Change the course! ideal steering! "Apparently, the captain concerned the very same conclusion as Hattori."

Following the order, the ship began to maneuver follow me the arc to the right. Noticing this movement, the submarine additionally started the engines and also started to move. This fact immediately ruled out the opportunity that the submarine belongs come the pressures of self-defense.

-Sound that water injection confirmed! It appears that a suspicious vessel is preparing to beginning a torpedo! cried the sonar operator.

"Did you hear the injection that water into the beginning shaft?" apparently this ship is one old type.

"Why did friend say that !?" - Hattori growled at the carefree (or fearless) muttering Tatsuya.

Instead of comment Hattori"s condemnation,

- Minami.

He called Minami, who likewise recently came here and stood behind 3 graduates.

"Yes, Tatsuya-sama."

"Despite the situation, Minami"s solution was together calm together usual.

-Prepare an antiobject barrier. Place of installation - 30 meter from the ship. Size - ten-meter radius before each torpedo. Block the food of the ship is strictly prohibited. Can you?

"Leave it come me."

"At the task set by Tatsuya, Minami, there is no a hitch, confidently nodded.

- Torpedoes released!

Two white monitor on the surface, easily picking increase speed, rushed in your direction. Thus, they will not have time to evade them.


-Yes. - Minami already prepared she CAD in the kind of a mobile terminal because that activation. Tatsuya was not the only one who discovered antiobject obstacles created under the water, through his magical perception.

Suddenly, water columns rose. However, there to be no splash that water indigenous the explosions. Minami"s anti-object barrier had the capacity to repel an explosion, however the torpedoes to be not originally intended for destruction.

- Foam torpedoes. Your goal is to detain us?

Despite the truth that Tatsuya speak to himself, his speech was an explanation because that Hattori and others. After Minami canceled the barrier, the foam started to progressively creep follow me the surface ar of the water.

"Leave it come me." - Isori waved his appropriate hand, manipulating his CAD. Foam from the surface ar of the sea was removed, together if the windshield to be wiping the window.

-Further, over there will more than likely be an assault by manned torpedoes v landing.

-The 2nd wave is approaching! - together if complying with Tatsuya"s prediction, the sonar operator"s cry got to their ears.

-A gift in return! - The magic that Hattori brought about an explode where four tracks native the torpedoes to be visible (or whatever it was). Formed in the sea air bubbles wrapped 4 torpedoes. The traction of the knives could no longer push them, and the inertia was extinguished by foam.

The back of the manned torpedoes opened up wide. From the inside, world jumped out army wetsuits in ~ the exact same time.

"I"ll take care of them!" - Sawaki jumped indigenous the deck come a man who jumped increase from the sea. In a jump, being over this man, Sawaki abruptly adjusted the trajectory and crashed down. His kick sent out the enemy earlier into the water.

It was no the magic the flight. Wait maneuvering by way of vector control. As soon as again, pushing far from the air, Sawaki shooting down one more enemy.

The continuing to be two enemies landed on the ship.

"How around leaving them to me!" - regardless of the situation, Kirihara"s voice to be joyful. - Explosive fishing!

Entering right into a rage with a fight cry, Kirihara assaulted the opponent with what was in his hand - a fishing rod. The enemy raised his hand and also blocked Kirihara"s attack. More precisely, he defended himself versus the high- frequency tongue of Kirihara created by an anti-objective obstacle near his hand.

-Oria Oria Oria! Ha-ha-ha-ah! "However, Kirihara"s assault did not finish with one attack." using a high-frequency tongue in mix with the an approach of avoiding self-destruction on a fishing rod, the opponent was showered with blows. Loudly laughing, furiously attack the enemy, Kirihara-berserk, indigenous the side looked prefer a genuine villain.

Eventually, the violator, not having coped with a lengthy pressure, splashing blood, fell. As supposed from Kirihara, he did no forget himself enough to chop turn off anything come the enemy, no one of his strikes even got to the bones. ... But from serious injuries it still did not differ.

The critical of the adversaries did no watch in silence, together his companions to be shredding. In bespeak to help the ally, who practically defended self under the squall the attacks, he sent out a pistol come Kirihara. However he can not shoot. Amazed native behind through a huge number of small stones, he to be piled top top the deck face down. These stones turned the end to it is in ice, developed from sea water. It was the magic the Hattori.

Hattori had a many techniques, similar to the magic supplied by Mayumi. This was not a coincidence, yet precisely because Hattori carefully watched Mayumi, and also not only imitated her magic, but likewise modified it, fitting it to himself.

"Who space these guys?" - ago on plank Sawaki, looking at the beat Kirihara and also Hattori opponents, asked a inquiry in the void.

-Pirates ... I think they deserve to be dubbed sea pirates. Tatsuya answered him. That crouched down to picture the beat Hattori pirate, then, grabbing the wetsuit because that his belt, picked it up making use of an advertise of strength when he obtained up and also threw it over the side.

-Hey !?

Ignoring the worried Hattori, Tatsuya take it a photograph of a 2nd person bleeding indigenous Kirihara"s attacks, then got hold of him by the leg and also dragged him to the sheet of the deck.

"As long as these men are in our hands, the pirates will certainly persistently attack us."

"Are they comes to pick them up?"

"Or to prevent the disclosure of your personalities, lock will try to sink this ship, right?" Tatsuya answered, not transforming his head come Hattori, and threw overboard the pirate, which he dragged by the leg.

"So, while the pirates choose up friends, we"ll obtain time." We will take benefit of this advantage to escape.

The last phrase was handle to the captain, who concerned see the situation.

"I understand you." - The captain v a pale confront quickly went to the leg to give orders come his subordinates.

"... You"re a terribly disastrous guy."

In solution to the tremble Kirihara, Tatsuya just shrugged his shoulders.

◊ ◊ ◊

As Tatsuya expected, the submarine no longer pursued a team of students and also graduates of very first High. Tatsuya was best not because he had an excellent deduction, it depended upon whether or no to know the circumstances.

Tatsuya knew (Miyuki and also Minami also) the these underwater pirates are a share unit that deserters of the an excellent Asian Alliance and also Australian armed forces agents. Therefore, it was basic to predict the behavior of a submarine, particularly knowing the truth that they must hide your identities (especially Australians) until they strike the artificial island, which is the real goal.

There to be a depressing environment inside this submarine.

"That"s why ns advised that you perform not should do this." - An certified dealer of the Australian army, Captain James J. Johnson sarcastically reproached significant Daniel Liu, leader that the team of deserters indigenous the great Asian Alliance.

His partner, Captain Jasmine Williams, was no on board the submarine. She go not gain on plank not due to the fact that women are not taken on submarines, but due to the fact that her illustration is vital weapon in the current mission of the Australian army.

Forcing the foe to pardon negligence 12-13 years old look and experience through the rationality of one adult. And also advanced magical skills. This level the concealment that a true human becomes a huge advantage over other agents.

Even in this share operation, ~ above the part of the deserters of the good Asian Alliance about the figure of Jasmine, only Daniel Liu knows. She could not avoid call with various other soldiers if she went through them top top a submarine.

That"s why Jasmine at this time acted independently from Captain Johnson.

-You cannot be disdainful, just since they space schoolchildren. That"s what major Lyu-dono said, guys!

This time the wounded were only amongst the deserters of the an excellent Asian Alliance. At an initial glance, Johnson was not upset, however in reality he was filled v annoyance that because of this useless problem, the Japanese side would increase its vigilance.

"So, what room you walking to carry out from now on?" - oborov irritation and also quickly calmed down, Johnson inquiry Liu around the plans because that the future.

"We small the mission"s goal to a party on the 28th." - The tone of the respondent Liu had actually a hint of anger.

This time, the attack on the ship through Tatsuya was a setup for Liu"s closestly assistants.

Capture the Yotsuba magicians, or at least cause injuries so that they might not stop the procedure on the 28th.

At the exact same time, kidnap the daughter the the Ushio family to distract the adversary forces in search, pretending to be kidnappers asking for ransom. And adding to the list of ransom accompanying the daughter that the household of Ushio student of the nationwide University the Magic and the nationwide Defense College, they will certainly descend because that pirates and also will be able to hide their identity.

To this plan, Liu himself, honestly, was not an extremely enthusiastic. Yet he was not versus it either. Johnson, obviously, was versus it.

As a result of this operation, no results were achieved, one of the people was so serious injured the he might not return to service, and the presence of a secret weapon in the form of a submarine likewise became known to the enemy. Realizing the the continuation of the mission to be impossible, they might only admit that Johnson to be right, and they to be wrong.

In short, their honor to be tainted. For world like Liu, this was unbearable in and also of itself. It to be a issue of honor because that Liu, that from the outset opposed the tranquility with Japan. Although there are factors such together the instability of the inner political system, the reduction of diplomatic presence, the lack of underwater mines, however the key thing is the emotion of intolerability the the truth that one has to kneel prior to such a small country together Japan.

-I think this is a reasonable decision. - Johnson"s polite caring words, at the moment sounded prefer a mockery.

"However, I perform not understand." - To odor from disappointment, Liu chose to readjust the subject. "How go they uncover our presence?"

-... Is it not v the help of an active sonar? - Johnson"s answer come Liu"s concern was superficial.

-This is understandable. However, active sonars of exclusive civil and recreational vessels are designed to find for obstacles to navigating in shallow water, and also by themselves can not detect a ship in the ocean floor area.

Liu interrupted his decided to watch if Johnson taken what was being said. Native the eye of Johnson slept the cover of indifference.

-The distance between us was around 500 meters. Sonar that a personal ship cannot uncover our ship without understanding the coordinates of the aiming place in advance.

"... Is this likewise the magic of Yotsuba?" over there were signs of are afraid in Johnson"s voice. Indigenous this Johnson anxiety, Liu feel a slight tension.

◊ ◊ ◊

Was the magic of Yotsuba the foresaw the strike of the submarine?

Captain James J. Johnson concerned the conclusion the it was half right, and half there.

Tatsuya, Miyuki and also Minami went back to the hotel on the key island of Okinawa.

Shizuku and also Honoka from now to the hotel in the island the Kume.

Azusa also moved to the same hotel. Initially, they planned to go to a party native the hotel on the key island that Okinawa, yet Shizuku organized this more convenient option.

Tatsuya additionally received an sell from Shizuku. But Tatsuya and also Miyuki still had official occupational on the main island. Having actually reported this, castle separated indigenous the main team at the airport.

And now, in the room the the hotel room, Tatsuya checked to watch if the mark maintaining track the Captain Johnson to be still active.

Released yesterday at the evaluation of the target psion bullet, still possessed enough strength, having only little signs that wear. However, just in case, Tatsuya released a new bullet through the Idea, destroying the old label.

Apparently, the Australian army magician has actually not yet uncovered this technique. During the recent assault by the psion bullet, he did not an alert any signs of understanding and also opposition.

Tatsuya was able to detect the strike of the defenders that the good Asian Alliance who pretended to be pirates that the sea, not due to the fact that he had discovered a submarine. And also because the an answer of the note on the place of Captain Johnson confirmed the works with east the the island of Kume.

Johnson go not know that that walks v a bell on his neck. The does not even suspect the possibility of monitoring with the aid of Elemental

Sight. Therefore likewise does not know.

The tail is seized by the Australian army, and not deserters of the an excellent Asian Alliance.

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Curiosity ruined the cat.

Johnson"s observation of Tatsuya and Miyuki have the right to hardly be dubbed curiosity. However, the case in i beg your pardon he obtained was precisely this proverb. The magic of Tatsuya, and also not the magic the Yotsuba, retained under regulate all the Australian military forces associated in this operation.