The democratic presidential candidate required to Twitter on she birthday, Oct. 26, share a throwback photograph of herself from her younger days. Pan were fast to point out her striking resemblance to one more public figure, previous Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler.

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Yes, the 14-year-old girl you"ve viewed swinging from the "Chandelier" in a naked leotard and also blond wig in Sia"s music videos could completely pass as Clinton"s mini-me.

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In addition to her appearance on dance Moms and also collaboration v Sia, Ziegler is additionally well known for gift a judge on So girlfriend Think You have the right to Dance: following Generation.

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"It"s weird for me, due to the fact that I"m no the one competing. I"m the one offering feedback come the kids," Ziegler said ET in April. "I"ll just be honest and give them mine feedback -- in a nice way though, since I"m not an adult, so ns really can"t be rude come them, and I would never ever be rude to them anyways."

And back she didn"t show off she dancing an abilities on the SYTYCD stage, the didn"t stop her native hitting the dance studio while the show was airing that is 13th season.

Click HERE to view the talented dancer rock it the end to Ariana Grande"s "Into You."

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Maddie Ziegler reveals What's really Hiding Under Sia's Wigs

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