“Thank You” is a ballad turn off Led Zeppelin’s second album, Led Zeppelin II. It functions John Paul Jones on organ and also has lyrics completely written by Robert Plant. It’s a tribute… read More 

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If the sun refused to shineI would still be loving youWhen mountains crumble come the seaThere will certainly still be you and also meKind woman, I offer you mine allKind woman, naught moreLittle fall of rain whisper of the painTears the loves shed in the days unable to do byMy love is strongWith you there is no wrongTogether we shall go until we die, my, my, myAn catalyst is what you are to meInspiration - look, seeAnd for this reason today, my world, that smilesYour hand in mine, us walk the milesAnd many thanks to you it will certainly be doneFor you to me are the just oneAlright, yeahHappiness, no much more be sadHappiness - I'm glad
If the sun refused come shineI would still be love youWhen hills crumble come the seaThere will still it is in you and also me
“Thank You” is a ballad turn off Led Zeppelin’s 2nd album, Led Zeppelin II. It functions John Paul Jones ~ above organ and also has lyrics totally written by Robert Plant. The a tribute come his then-wife Maureen.

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“To me that was sort of almost uncharacteristic of various other stuff off that album. That sounds prefer a 60s pop tune to me – the method that they have actually it arranged. And also it’s virtually like the would’ve been, with any kind of other band, would’ve been their best hit, but due to the fact that it was Led Zeppelin and the album was so unbelievable and also it was their album, virtually kind the passed end it” – kris Cornell ~ above The Howard Stern display in 2011.

Yes, the tape did play the tune live, though ns don’t know the price at which they did. Some much more notable performances encompass this one from the BBC Sessions album, as well as a power they ended the last night of the Madison Square Garden run from i beg your pardon The Song continues to be The very same was compiled with. This certain version contains an body organ solo by john Paul Jones that goes for around four minutes before the start of the song.

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