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luigi Vuitton Level IIIA Bulletproof Christopher pm Backpack Product Details Shipping and Returns Price complement Why Bulletproof Zone?
luigi Vuitton Level IIIA Bulletproof Christopher pm Backpack

*Manufacturer"s command time: 4-5 weeks!

*Due come the distinct nature of designer items, every sales of our "Designer Products" space final. 


The Christopher afternoon backpack is very versatile, while offering a visually an effective everyday bag. Featuring an extremely large interior, it"s not just attractive, but additionally useful. In ~ this piece is a level NIJ IIIA ballistic panel, which gives a layer of protection between you and any hazard you might face. 

Features and Benefits

Ballistic panel weighs only 20 oz. (roughly the same as a water bottle).Adjustable leather shoulder strapsLeather top handleSpacious main pocket with a multi-compartment design.Cowhide animal leather trim2 side pockets Internal zipped pocketInternal Ipad pocket



Bulletproof Zone will certainly ship orders as soon as possible. For example, if you acquisition three items, they will certainly be shipped to you based upon lead time and availability. This method you acquire as much of your order as quickly as possible, which means that her order may come in different packages, especially if friend order assets from various manufacturers.

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We will bear the shipping price for assets returned because of product defect, misrepresentation, or false description. Afterward, we will initiate a complete reimbursement have to you decrease an offer to change the item v the exact same item of equal value and assured quality.

Order Confirmation:

As quickly as you ar your order through Bulletproof Zone, friend will receive an order check e-mail. This method that her order has actually been logged in our system and also your credit card has been pre-authorized for the purchase. Afterward, we call our suppliers to confirm the accessibility of the product you space ordering for prompt shipment. If her item is top top backorder or unavailable, we will cancel the pre-authorization and duly educate you via e-mail.

Order Shipment:

Orders space shipped in ~ five company days indigenous the date of her order unless stated otherwise on the product page. The product page will save the many accurate estimate on shipping and lead times. Shipping and also lead times listed on the product web page are our ideal estimates based various determinants including order volume, information from ours manufacturer, raw material fluctuations, etc., and also may vary due to these factors. 

You will certainly receive an e-mail containing the tracking info of her order after ~ the order has actually been transport to her location. If you perform not obtain tracking details from us within seven business days of the lead time specified ~ above the product page, feel totally free to follow up with us in ~ orders


We take full responsibility for any obvious damage to your product led to by wrong packaging or transporting an currently defective product. Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) once they arrive, if you an alert any damage, you should document it when signing because that delivery. If the item(s) contained in the package arrives damaged, please send photos come returns, and also we will process an insurance insurance claim on your behalf. 

Returns and also Cancellation Policy:

We ago all our commodities with a customer satisfaction guarantee, for this reason we produced a same return and cancellation policy.

All sales room final. No Refunds, No Cancellations. In many cases, as soon as the bespeak is processed, the is final and not cancellable. Us may permit exceptions because of an bespeak error or wish to return her order after delivery for any reason other than a product defect or misrepresentation. Any type of cancellation inquiry is subject to an administration and cancellation fee equal to 10% of her order with a minimum that $35, even if it is order distribution is effective or not.

All sales are last on all closeout items and for custom manufactured bulletproof apparel once the manufacturing procedure has started or not returnable unless there is a product defect or misrepresentation. Applicable to brand such together MC Armor, Israel Catalog, Masada Armor, BulletBlocker, Tread Armament, Talos Ballistics, Wonder Hoodie, and also others. 

Before returning any type of product, girlfriend MUST attain a return authorization from our customer business representative. We can only procedure AUTHORIZED returns because that items.

To make a Return or Exchanges: 

Please usage or indicate your stimulate number together attention

Return or exchanges inquiry submission should be in ~ 14 calendar work upon receipt of shipment unless provided otherwise ~ above the product summary page. Your return must be in original packaging and also unused.

We encourage using USPS flat-rate shipping in returning commodities to get a shipping price refund. Buyers should ensure all returned parcels delivery receipt and signature confirmation. We very recommend insuring her parcel together we cannot problem a refund for things that we do not receive ago should it gain lost/damaged during transit.


Should an item be returned since it was defective, misrepresented, not as described, etc., Bulletproof ar will concern a complete refund and will reimburse the client for every shipping expenses associated with the return.

Please allow 5-10 company days from the time the article is received to procedure a refund. Refunds will only be issued come the initial credit card that you use when placing her order.

We stand behind our products 100%!

By purchasing any of ours items, the buyer certifies they have read and also agree come our shipping, return, and also privacy policies.

Price insurance

At Bulletproof Zone, we ensure the you obtain the absolute finest prices for Bulletproof Vests, key Carriers, Bulletproof Clothing, Bulletproof Backpacks, and also other tactical gear and also safety products, every while ensuring the highest quality.

For us, providing assets of the highest possible quality is unnegotiable. As always, high-quality assets do no come cheap, but we ensure the it is sensibly priced utilizing our exclude, contracts v the ideal protective product manufacturers.

We desire you to feeling confident the you are obtaining the absolute finest price because that the product you are ordering. To display our to trust in ours prices, we sell a price insurance to ours customers. If you uncover out within six months from your purchase of an object that our agency offered things for a price higher than our competition, we will certainly refund the difference. 

To gain a refund, all you must do is e-mail united state a attach to the product on ours website and the exact same product on ours competitor’s website within six months native the date of your purchase, and also we will process the refund accordingly.

Terms and Conditions of our 100% Price Guarantee:

You must have actually purchased the items from our website prior to requesting your Price enhance GuaranteeDiscounted goods and goods got as an advertisement on such as; to buy one, get one totally free offer are not eligibleThe item should be in stock on the competitor"s websiteThe 100% price guarantee is just valid in ~ the an initial six month from the date of purchaseThe competitor must be an online store; they may not have actually a retail locationThe contender website can not be a discounter or one auction website (i.e., eBay, overstock, etc.)The contender must be an Authorized Retailer the the product in questionThe Price complement Guarantee contains the item price and the shipping charges; it excludes sales tax

Why Bulletproof Zone?

At Bulletproof Zone, we are passionate around protecting lives. Every piece from our brochure is designed and rigorously experiment to carry out the highest possible quality of security you need from firearms, explosives or also close soldier combat.

We’ve partnered with assorted manufacturers that run within the United claims under a strict set of guidelines both top top a national and corporate level so that once you shop with us, friend will have the ability to select indigenous the highest possible quality human body armor, ballistic plates and also tactical gear accessible on the market.

Whether you room a military organization member looking to uncover your very own gear, a professional that operates in the security field, or an avid weapons enthusiast the capitalizes the prominence of safety as soon as shooting, our tactical equipment will administer you the level of defense you need.

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Any questions or concerns? Please speak to us in ~ (408)-909-4938 or email united state at support and also a member the our expert support team will certainly be in touch through you as quickly as possible.
Louis Vuitton Level IIIA Bulletproof Christopher pm Backpack

*Manufacturer's command time: 4-5 weeks!

*Due to the distinct nature the designer items, every sales of ours "Designer Products" space final. 


The Christopher afternoon backpack is exceptionally versatile, while giving a visually an effective everyday bag. Special an extremely huge interior, it's not only attractive, but additionally useful. In ~ this item is a level NIJ IIIA ballistic panel, which gives a great of protection in between you and any threat you may face. 

Features and also Benefits

Ballistic dashboard weighs just 20 oz. (roughly the very same as a water bottle).Adjustable leather shoulder strapsLeather peak handleSpacious main pocket v a multi-compartment design.Cowhide animal leather trim2 next pockets Internal zipped pocketInternal Ipad pocket