Understanding the occasions of December 7, 1941 doesn’t require you to be an professional in marine or technical terminology. The memorials, museums, and other attractions carry out a historic overview the the assault on Pearl Harbor, and the points you should know, such as the names and also fates the the many ships that were there the morning, will be described to girlfriend on her tour. If you choose to have a little more in-depth knowledge, however, and also prefer to know some of the an ext technical terms you might hear, there are a few that are helpful to know. Because that example, what go it mean when we say the a ship is listing?

Listing vs roll vs Trimming

“Listing” is a nautical term to explain when a vessel bring away on water and tilts come one side. A ship have the right to list one of two people to port (left) or starboard (right). By contrast, a ship is said to it is in “trimming” once she tips forward or backward.

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Listing shouldn’t be confused with rolling, which refers to the left-to-right swaying activity a ship provides when relocating through rough waters. Neither is desirable, together listing or roll too lot can reason a delivery to capsize, or overturn in the water.

The Listing ships of Pearl Harbor


Timely counter-flooding permitted USS West Virginia (BB-48) come sink upright, make her less complicated to refloat

When reading around the fates the the vessels at Pearl Harbor, words “list” come up often. Because that instance, an official report from command Jesse L. Kenworthy detailing the sinking the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) refers to the ship’s list. After being struck by torpedoes indigenous Japanese bombers, Oklahoma immediately began listing to her port side. When mentioning a ship’s list, there is frequently a degree that accompanies it, and also in the case of USS Oklahoma, she to be reported come have been at a 25- come 35-degree list.

As a ship lists, for instance when it’s caused by an explosion the tears a hole in the hull and enables water to rush in, weight is shifted toward the listing side. The left side of Oklahoma’s hull began taking ~ above water, bring about her perform to come to be gradually worse. Once another collection of torpedoes to win her, she completely capsized and also would have turned totally upside-down if no for her poles striking the port floor.

Another battleship that found itself listing come her port side to be USS West Virginia (BB-48). Unlike Oklahoma, however, the crew the West Virginia to be able to rental the tactic the counter-flooding to prevent her indigenous listing further and capsizing.

The term “list” may not be imperative to understand in bespeak to enjoy a visit to Pearl Harbor, but it does assist to understand should you desire to dig a tiny deeper right into the technical aspects of what unfolded on December 7, 1941.


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