You witnessed the alarmingly alluring teaser, however did you capture the bonkers ep? stunner Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom faced off versus “crazy” (as a foxy fox) character actor Michael Shannon in a Lip Sync fight where both stayed true to brand.

First, here’s the pre-show smack talk. Be afeared, Shannon. Bloom has actually done some lip syncing in she day. Yet hey, smack-talk Shannon’s no slouch, doling out, “Rachel, I’m i m really sorry in development because I’m going come humiliate you. Publicly. ~ above television. ~ above Spike television. For this reason bad.”

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Kicking things off, Shannon strutted and silently screamed follow me to The Pixies’ sultry “Here Comes her Man.” and it was so strangely seductive that even its teaser threw our dear Rebecca in a bunk-tearing tizzy.

Bloom responded with a rousing and also ambitious rendition the “I desire It the Way,” through The Backstreet Boys. She embodied every Boy, emoting to the rafters, humping the stage, and playing come the adoring audience. However that clip is not online. UGH! It’s favor feminism didn’t even happen. Here’s she “Fuck Me, ray Bradbury” instead.

Teasing her hefty boob-shaking finale number, Bloom lugged chutzpah come the behind-the-scenes section. If Shannon brought his dad dancing. Is the man part raptor? What is happening?

While most actresses (and actors) use the Lip Sync battle stage as an excuse come live out their pop star fantasies, Bloom played right into her strength with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” reveling in the comedy that awkwardness. Instead of a glitzy gown or shimmering prey short, she wore an authentic and brazenly unbecoming tape uniform, finish with pigtails, braces, blazing acne, and also hot nerd boy.

And Shannon. The smoldering weirdo took his allotted back-ups dancers and also slung them around with the rubbish dump debris ~ above the stage. And also he take it on a true difficulty trying come wrap his square mouth roughly the rapid-fire R.E.M. Jam “It’s the end of the World.” and he is fine. No, no, ns know. His lip sync was sloppy. Yet he is fine. and sexy wins.

What girlfriend don’t watch in this clips, is when organize LL Cool J realizes, “Yo, Michael, you’ve really got like a quiet kinky next to you.” and also Shannon surprised no one of united state Overlords as soon as he shyly replied, “I yes, really do.” clear a space on her 10 because that lion master and also Lip Sync battle champion, Michael Shannon.

You deserve to watch the ep (if you have actually a compliant cable provider) here.

*It worked when Kristy Puchko did it. ;)

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