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These rappers is actors, they life is in scenes (Cut, cut, cut)You capture me in traffic, obtained pipes through the beamsGot so many clips the I could make a movieHerb got the Uzi increase under the CoogiThem niggas with you lock look prefer some goofysGon shot to plunder me, girlfriend gon need to shoot meNigga tryna rob me? the will never happenKeep my blacksmith & WessonHollows to his chest and also someone call a reverendTaught that young a lesson, here come 911Stand appropriate over here check him if girlfriend ain't check himFo' Nickle jam, cursed he recorded a blessingBetter no come with flexing every my niggas recklessIf you trying to find us, just pull increase on EssexI trap on the edge no issue the weatherA stack for the sweater, ns trap in MargielasShooters they v me they pack a BarettaShe permit me fuck native the ago when ns met herThat .357 will send you come heavenThese niggas is tellin my niggas is felonsMy bitches dyking choose they surname was EllenLaughing in ~ niggas favor they surname was Kevin
Aye, codeine what I'm sipping, gas what I'm inhalingPosto what friend smellingRollin up dutches in the life room gained my momma yellingChill out, why you trippin, fuckin up mine session?Here a couple 100's walk watch channel 7Momma knew ns was the man due to the fact that I to be 7Therefore she don't give a damn around the presentI hop ~ above the track, you can see what I'm spittingYou niggas wouldn't think how I'm livingI don't think they could take the heat in the kitchenI pray my young niggas acquire freed out the prisonMy block is hot, the police is trippingMy niggas savage, don't need a religionI see niggas oppin climate I'm walking shoppingI pop out the cut then I'm squeezing and dippingHah, and we speak to that perfect the missionYou know almost everywhere we go acquired like 2 or 3 polesShoot the bitches if friend look suspicousPlay through me, you gon sleep with the fishesNo lock killers don't shoot from a distanceAnd castle niggas ain't leaving no witnessEat up tracks guy this beat to be delicious

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That posesthe nigga ain't gon shootNiggas is cappin, lock say that they savageBut i ain't heard nothin bout youThat posesthe nigga ain't gon shootThey say the they trappin, they claim that they gained itBut ns ain't heard nothin bout youBefore me and also Bibby had verses and also show money pillingWe were simply young niggas wildingEven though i be rapping around murders and violenceWhen the police come, I'm silentLouie V on my shirt, and Gabana mine shadesVersace mine belt, ns be stylinYour bitch says she in love v my \"Hot Nigga\" verseNow she sucking my penis from freestylingI'm still puttin on for my cityFuck niggas rapping favor BibbyStill ride approximately with mine glizzyPull up and do a nigga prefer RickySaid friend can't gain out of this gameEnd increase murked like CaineY'all niggas be looking favor stainsYung Berg I'll take it a nigga chain