This week on Life the Kylie, Kylie’s life to be all about the Met Ball, plus she friendship through Jordyn Woods, but mainly the Met Ball! You currently know what time the is — #LEGGO!!

Scenes 1 & 2:

At Kylie Jenner’s residence for wayward rich girls, a team that upper-middle-class women slowly and precisely carries apparel upon clothing of Versace garments to racks, showcasing their beauty. In an additional room, one more group the upper-middle-class experts lay the end equally luxury shoes. If these professionals (who all flew right into Calabasas from Milan!) arrange this items, we’re treated to visions that Kylie’s life virtually a year ago, when she attended the 2016 Met Gala. This is the event they’re prepare for as soon as again. After ~ the women have worked out into the space, lock each take it a place in front of a rack, staring at the wall surface ahead, unmoving. That is until a Life the Kylie crew member coincidentally knocks right into a rack and gets treated through a Versace, Versace, Versace side-eye.

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Soon after, Kylie enters the room through her executive, management assistant Victoria in tow. Kylie’s i was delegated two tradition millennial-pink gowns indigenous Versace: The first, a cagey-mermaid look that took 350 hrs to make, reasons Kylie to expedition over the train. The next, a beaded mermaid minute featuring 7,000 crystals, is equally exceptional on Kylie, despite she requests a change — she desires the corset so tight that she have the right to “barely breathe.” This will just be Kylie’s 2nd time in ~ the Gala, and also she’s just as anxious and excited as she was the year before — especially because the Gala is for civilization with “fashion cred,” as a Versace rep speak us. This fitting was filmed top top April 27, 2017*.



What should have actually been filmed: Honestly, ns would have actually loved because that this scene not to have actually been filmed at all and for Jordyn to be able to mourn in peace, yet we every grieve in various ways. Because they to be in production, it would have actually been nice to see Kylie execute something for Jordyn rather of the other way around.

Scene 4:

With only two days until the urban Gala in new York City, brand-new York, Kylie, Jordyn “Can’t record a moment to Myself” Woods, and Kylie’s executive, management Glam formation head the end of L.A. ~ above the plane, the team dances and also does every other’s makeup. Once they land, Kylie tells the camera the her favourite thing about traveling to new York is Entenmann’s sprinkle doughnuts, which girlfriend can gain from “any regional gas station.” After eat a doughnut that tastes like cake however with a “doughnut twist,” she hops ~ above the phone through someone provided the moniker “Friend,” who shares details about someone called “he,” including his concerts and whereabouts for the evening. Kylie nods, and the step abruptly ends, through Snapchat memories implying that she went out for a night that fun v her girls, and possibly her new boyfriend Travis Scott. This step was filmed ~ above April 28, 2017.


What she should have actually filmed: simply one job prior, Kylie post a curious Snapchat selfie that brought about the web to operation amok through Photoshop rumors. Something around a crooked curtain and also a surgically transformed body flattering pose caused speculation the Kylie’s Instagram wasn’t what it appeared — and also instead that letting the rumors fly, Kylie required to her Snapchat to exactly the “photoshop police.” top top the 28th of April she called fans and critics the the curtains behind she Snapchat and also selfie mirror was simply crooked, end of story! due to the fact that this is such an important topic for Kylie, i would have been honored, thrilled, and elated to it is in let right into her procedure of posing, and also even tickled by a closer look at the curtain in question and also its crooked ways. Oh, and also there’s likewise the news that leaked the she was “terrified” of mirroring her connection on her new reality-TV show. Kylie, sweetie, you must be afraid that you come off together a phony by omitting it!

Scene 5:

After a cross-country flight, Entenmann’s doughnut, a night out on the new York City town, and also weeks of hiding her partnership from her production team, Kylie jenner woke up grumpy. The scene begins with the executive, management producer that Life that Kylie banging top top a hotel door, searching for Victoria, who will many likely suggest her in the direction the Kylie. As she knocks, the door flies open, and it’s Kylie who snaps that she was “fucking peeing” and also rhetorically marvels if they desire to monitor her into the bathroom, too. The producer asks to be let in therefore she deserve to do her job, and is shocked to find that Kylie is headed turn off to Boston for the day with Jordyn. While wearing among the many revealing long-sleeved clothing I’ve ever seen, Kylie tells the cameras the she and also Jordyn are taking advantage of your time ~ above the East coastline to take trip to the home of the Boston Tea Party (so they can soak in some wealthy American history). Getting a absent that only teens can out of blatantly lying come adults, Kylie speak the cameras that there will more than likely be boys in Boston, yet does no specify further.

In her confessional, Kylie and the exact same producer have a frank-ish conversation about what Kylie’s not reflecting on TV. The producer asks if she realized the crew would be through her because that everything, and Kylie states yes. She has actually been act this because that ten years, after all. Kylie stares blankly, then finally describes that she desires to store her connection sacred. That a fight of silence in the confessional room, and when we cut earlier to Kylie preparing for Boston, she and Jordyn shake the camera crew quick as lock jet out of town.

The members of Kylie’s production team aren’t the just ones a little pissed that Kylie switched the script on their brand-new York expedition — Jordyn’s a little bit pissed, too. In confessional, she explains that she and Kylie visited Boston for a concert, drove ago to brand-new York because that a birthday party, and then go to an additional concert in the city, every in one night. It’s not that she doesn’t like having actually fun, it’s simply that Jordyn feeling like complying with Kylie’s every whim has become a little bit of a distraction native her very own life. Kylie sneaking the end of Manhattan to be filmed on April 29, 2017.

What she should have filmed: once Kylie jetted the end to Boston she obviously walk to meet up v her boyfriend, Travis Scott, that was performing in ~ a Boston-area nightclub as well as a local college. For some reason, this performances were important sufficient for Kylie to operation away from she actual job. There’s additionally the minor information that Jordyn made it seem as though she and also Kylie did every activity in just one evening, once in reality, they saw the party (for Travis) top top April 30. She partied v her enlarge sister kendal Jenner, Bella Hadid, and the illustrious Anwar Hadid.

Scene 6/Scene 7/Scene 8:

It’s the work of the ball, and also after a couple of days of acting out, Kylie arrives late to glam. Still, Kylie’s giddy, giggly, and also generous with her worship for herself and newfound happiness. Looking at Instagrams native the weekend, Kylie comments on exactly how happy she looks. In she confessionals, Kylie tells producers that she’s had an ext fun the past month than she has actually in the previous three years. Makes sense: throughout those years she was a minor playing “mom” for one more minor by the surname of King Cairo. While Kylie gushes about her life, Jordyn sulks ~ above the bed. She perks up briefly as soon as Victoria tells the room the Donatella Versace herself requests that Kylie undertake blonde hair to the Gala.

The room squeals in excitement and she swears come do precisely what Donatella asks! as the excitement because that the night rises, Kylie is called by a Versace representative that she’ll be seated beside Donatella herself, Matt Damon, Blake Lively, and Halle Berry. Kylie’s shocked the her table is for this reason A-list, and wonders what they’ll talk about. While soaking up what’s up for the night, Kylie asks if Jordyn is ready to support her. She surprised to find out Jordyn’s no — and isn’t the only one. Jordyn’s to be so busy adhering to Kylie around that she forgot about having a shoot in Canada, which she demands to leaving for right away. Kylie’s not persuaded that Jordyn would certainly really leaving just prior to the Met Ball and also yells the she to know she’s walking to surprised her later on by difficult around. Sadly, this is no the case.

On her way to the airport, Jordyn tells a producer that she’s no “upset,” she’s just not feeling like herself. She thinks she’s been consumed as well much into Kylie’s life. Jordyn’s confesses that she’s to be wondering recently about the the opportunity of her and also Kylie’s friendship ending, and when she looks over these past years, her emotionally cup is empty due to the fact that she’s poured therefore much into Kylie’s life. Meanwhile, Kylie speak producers the Jordyn’s been feeling weird since she no cope with her emotions. Uneven Kylie, Jordyn doesn’t like talking about herself all day.

After Jordyn leaves and also Kylie is every glammed, she top out. Top top the ride over, she’s get over with anxiety. She thinks she’s going to arrive as well early, therefore she takes a speak to from kendal Jenner, who hasn’t even left yet, then calls Kim Kardashian Onassis West, who just around to leave her apartment. Kim settles Kylie’s nerves, telling her that she also will arrive solo, and assures her sister the she i will not ~ be also early. Kylie calms under a bit, but just before exiting the valve she calls an excellent old Jaden Smith. Jaden’s already at the Met, for this reason Kylie to plan to satisfy up through him once she go the carpet. Because he’s Jaden, he tells Kylie the she could not discover him due to the fact that he’s no a “real person.” these scenes were filmed top top May 2, 2017.

What she should have actually filmed: First, I desire to humbly say thanks to Kylie Jenner and her team for not insulting us loyal viewers by mirroring something silly like Kylie buying an ext chickens for she backyard farm as soon as she was actually preparing for the Met Ball. However, there was so lot ground to uncover surrounding the evening that ns still feeling cheated. Most important, because Kylie is for this reason secretive with her own relationship, that would have actually been a beautiful blessing to see, firsthand, her disclose Kendall’s. Girlfriend see, Kylie to be responsible because that taking 2 iconic photos at the Met Ball. The very first one gift the infamous bathroom selfie that had every one of your faves fighting because that camera time. Climate she take it an even an ext intriguing picture of Kendall’s rumored boyfriend A$AP Rocky grabbing her ass. That’s a story.

Phew! us made it to the Met round alive v our lip-kit lipstick and also lack the knowledge about Kylie’s life intact. Still, fine persist — meet me ago here following week for one more Life of Kylie, keeper of Jordyn Woods recap! #FREEJORDY

*This has been updated to indicate the correct year scene one and two to be filmed.

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