Law & Order: SVU Season 19 episode 9 seems come have ultimately wrapped up the Sheila Porter storyline, too. If that"s true, it"s a an excellent belated Christmas gift.

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I wasn"t surprised that Sheila was behind Noah"s kidnapping. I"d guess it before he also disappeared, and her insistence that she to be innocent as soon as no one asked her sealed the deal.

But walk the writers have to make her right into a complete nut situation for the services of this ridiculous story?


I really, really want to it is in wrong around Sheila. 

When it"s for this reason glaringly evident that a personality is as much as no good, being proven not correct is half the fun. Viewers love to it is in surprised, and there"s nothing much better than gift led down one path just to find that every little thing is fully different than it seemed.

In the an initial half the "Gone baby Gone," the seemed favor SVU to be going the way, and also I to be thrilled.

Olivia: do you think anyone was adhering to you?Sheila: ns don"t know.Olivia: Think Sheila, think.Sheila: I"m do the efforts to! It"s not choose I wanted this come happen.Olivia: nobody is speak that.Sheila: friend don"t have actually to. Her eyes say everything.

Sheila seemed genuinely upset, and also she and also Olivia appeared to bond over the ns of Noah. Olivia even tried come tell her the this was a very different case than when Elly disappeared and Sheila identified that Olivia had the best to freak out due to the fact that she is Noah"s mother.

Maybe the writers thought that having actually her revolve out to be the negative guy, after ~ all, that was a great twist, but it wasn"t, because it just led me right ago to the route I to be on all along.



Olivia appears to constantly shed her total to the bad guys and end increase in dangerous cases that might easily have actually been prevented. I prefer seeing the more powerful version the Olivia come the it is not enough ability one who needs to somehow talk down a crazy human being who is aiming a gun in ~ her.

Olivia: i am his mother.Sheila: Why? since a judge signed a piece of file saying you are? that doesn"t do you his mother.Olivia: Actually, Sheila, the does.

While i knew all along that Sheila would certainly kidnap young name at part point, I uncovered it hard to think that she was this the end of touch with reality and also able to pretend she wasn"t.

She apparently had actually the cognitive ability to arrangement a complex kidnapping, which contained multiple red herrings and also the aid of a gardener who secretly had actually feelings because that her, yet did not know that a judge offering Olivia legal legal rights to Noah meant Olivia had actually those rights.

Nor did her setup make any sense whatsoever.

Noah retained asking as soon as Mommy was coming to sign up with them in ~ the cabin and also Sheila maintained making fake phone call calls to keep him happy. Did she think that was going to appease him forever?

What to be she walking to do if Olivia hadn"t presented up? never leave the cabin again and also make up an ext and more complicated stories around why Mommy never answered her phone? phone call Noah his mom was dead? What specifically was the setup here?


And if she felt she should have actually custody of Noah, why go she fall the custody suit?

Wouldn"t that have actually made a lot an ext sense and been more likely to succeed 보다 pretending come be donate of Olivia, befriending her and also Noah, faking a stranger kidnapping, leave 100 false trails, and constantly telling Noah that Mommy knew where they were and also was ~ above her method to sign up with them?

Or she can have left well sufficient alone since Olivia was virtually letting she co-parent and might even have enabled her to take Noah come the cabin because that a weekend away now and also then.

Either way, this was a storyline the did not need to happen. But if Sheila"s arrest means it"s over, together opposed to part other setup of hair popping up after the fact, then i guess it was worth it.

Finn: ns don"t think that"s gonna happen, Chief.Dodds: She"s emotional, she"s liable to make rash decisions.Finn: you wanna watch emotional? Wait til i tell she this.

I likewise felt like there was some lacking payoff to few of the story threads in ~ the finish of the hour.

Dodds bespeak Olivia turn off the case, i m sorry she ignored and also then nothing happened other than him having a cryptic conversation v Finn that amounted come him admitting he was looking the various other way, regardless of his threat that both their jobs would be in jeopardy if she disobeyed this details order.


Noah to be found and also had no problem going residence with Sonny and Amanda and also never see his brand-new grandma again. Uneven I to let go something, it didn"t seem the he even asked around her or why lock weren"t all continuing to be at the cabin prefer Grandma stated they would.

Sonny and also Rollins coerced a confession from Juan by falsely arresting his daughter for being connected in the kidnapping when they knew she was not, however it was never pointed out again, and there to be no consequences either from the room or the traumatized girl reporting any kind of of this.

Instead, the hour finished with many of the adult (and Rollins" daughter Jessie that hasn"t been pointed out or checked out in so long that i forgot she existed) happy playing v Noah if Olivia fretted and nobody argued she speak to the therapist who assisted her last time she had actually PTSD.

You know what the problem is v this job? What an excellent do us really do? us come in ~ it"s already happened with the broom and the mop and we clean increase the mess. You know what would certainly be yes, really special? If one time we might come in prior to there was anything come clean up.


Olivia"s questioning even if it is this project was precious anything or exactly how she can have misjudged Sheila"s intentions v all her suffer in this field was a good story arc and also probably one of the finest parts that the episode.

I expect we will see more of her self-doubt as the season progresses due to the fact that she seemed to be the just one fall apart at the end.

The various other high point of the hour because that me was Barba"s occurring relationship through Olivia.

I have actually been enjoying seeing him support Olivia through these miscellaneous Noah dilemmas all season long, and also "Gone baby Gone" was no exception.

Barba to be calm, caring and also empathetic and also I to be overjoyed the he proved up to check on her at the end of the hour.

Plus who knew the Noah calls that Uncle Rafa! that was adorable.

Anyway, i was type of wonder if this friendship might build into something more. Many of Benson"s romantic relationship are sort of forced and annoying, yet I believed this one could work if that goes in that direction.

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What did you think the "Gone infant Gone?"

Was ns the only one who was uncomfortable by this stupid boy name kidnapping story? whether you love it or hated it, I want to hear your opinion!

Weigh in below, and also don"t forget girlfriend can watch law & Order: SVU online if friend missed anything.