Remember the twinkle-eyed actress who played mary Ann Summers ~ above the CBS sitcom "Gilligan"s Island"? Dawn Wells, who was crowned miss out on Nevada in 1959 and represented her state in the miss out on America 1960 pageant in Atlantic City, brand-new Jersey, passed away on December 30 the Covid-19 symptom in Los Angeles. She to be 82.

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She had actually sashayed her method into Hollywood through the movie "The brand-new Interns" and also became a part of shows like "The Joey Bishop Show", "77 Sunset Strip", "The Cheyenne Show", "Maverick", and "Bonanza".

On "Gilligan"s Island", her “good girl” character was viewed as the girl-next-door come Tina Louise’s glamorous Ginger, often subjected to men"s sidelong glances. Expressing her condolences because that her previous castmate, Louise said in a statement, “I to be sad to discover of Dawn’s passing, ns will always remember she kindness come me. We shared in developing a cultural landmark the has ongoing to bring comfort and also smiles to people during this challenging time. Ns hope that human being will remember she the way that I carry out – constantly with a laugh on she face.”

Actress Dawn Wells (Getty Images)

Who to be Dawn Wells?

Born ~ above October 18, 1938, together Dawn Elberta Wells, she was raised by she parents Joe Wesley and Evelyn Wells in Reno, Nevada. She father to be the owner of Wells Cargo, a local Reno shipping company. She studied at Reno High School and also thenattended Stephens college in Columbia, Missouri, wherein she majored in chemistry.

Wells then transferred to the college of Washington in Seattle and also graduated through flying color in 1960 with a degree in theatre arts and design. Interestingly, she was also a member the the Alpha Chi Omega sorority in those days. After gift crowned miss Nevada, she made a mark in the Hollywood industry and clinched part roles prior to being widely known as mary Ann Summers top top "Gilligan"s Island".

She likewise starred in numerous reunion specials including three "Gilligan"s Island" reunion movies! walk you recognize her original gingham blouse and also shorts ensemble from her signature function was marketed by Beverly Hills auction house Profiles in background for $20,700 in 2005? much later, she penned under snippets from her life in a 2014 book named "What would certainly Mary Ann Do? A guide to Life".

Actress Dawn Wells (Getty Images)

Dating after the Larry Rosen divorce

On October 27, 1962, Dawn Wells bound the knot with Larry Rosen, a talent agent. Castle lived with each other for five years yet had no children. In 1967, the two chose to call it quits. She never ever remarried. In an interview, she confessed, “I constantly wanted to be a mother and also have a huge family... But I never found the right person.”

She also said she was obsessed through fame. “I love honing my craft so i did as numerous theatrical productions as I could.” However, her marriage to Rosen did offer birth to an market legend around her gift the only cast member to get residuals indigenous the show"s re-runs since Rosen had supposedly advised she to readjust a i in her contract. This to be denied through Wells number of times as a myth.

Actress Dawn Wells and also Actor Bob Denver (Getty Images)

Who to be Bob Denver?

Much later, she to be rumored to be dating Bob Denver, the actor that played Gilligan top top the CBS show. Denver passed away on September 2, 2005. Slipping secrets about her date life, she revealed in a 2016 interview v Forbes, “Yes, of course. I’ve been date one person for quite a while, yet I am single.” She was likewise spotted through Bob"s kid Patrick Denver at specific events.

She added, "I gained a divorce, my dad died and also the Gilligan’s Island series was canceled all within a month. I went right to heroin. No , I simply went to work. It is life. I’m a nice well-adjusted person. Ns didn’t begin out wanting to it is in an actress. I want to be a ballerina, then a chemist. If I had to do it almost everywhere again, I’d enter genetic medicine.”

In the same interview, as soon as asked why the initial theme song pointed out all the actors members other than her and the professor, she said, “I to be pretty new and everyone else in ~ that allude had had actually a career. Ns think Bob Denver saw bat, told castle it was silly, the there were just two other human being on the island. Ns think that said, "I’m no going on unless you adjust the billing." us laughed when they did. Roy and also I would still exchange Christmas cards v the greeting, "From The Rest".”

Actress Dawn Wells and Patrick Denver (son of Bob Denver) attend a awareness (Getty Images)

What go she love except acting?

In her free time, Wells was said to love to fly fishing, oil painting, ice cream skating, cooking and traveling. “I once acquired to travel around the civilization on the Concorde. Mine life has constantly been one adventure and also I’m blessed that it still can be.”

Talking around her penchant come travel, she said, “Other cultures fascinate me. Once I climbed in Rwanda to check out the gorillas, I had my own little video camera. Several of the women had actually never watched a photo with your children and also tears would certainly run down their deals with when I confirmed them. Ns danced v a Masai warrior. We are much more alike 보다 we room different. It’s simply where we’re raised and also what we’re doing.”

Throughout she life, she walk through lot financial turmoil. A GoFundMe campaign with a goal of raising $180,000 was set up by Kirkpatrick to pay because that Wells’ “hospital costs” and also penalties she owed the internal Revenue Service.


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