Blake lively received fairly a bit of backlash last month after ~ she posted two photos of it s her from the Cannes red carpetwith the caption, "L.A. Face with one Oakland booty."

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Whilemeant to it is in a casual reference to sir Mix-A-Lot"s"90s jam, "Baby obtained Back," plenty of were quick to criticize the actress, stating that the caption"s implications were problematic given the song"s meaning. Even Sir Mix-A-Lot joined the conversation, saying the while he wrote the song with black females in mind, he was entirely open to Blake embracing it.

"For she to watch at she butt and that little waist and to say, "L.A. Challenge with an Oakland booty,"doesn"t that median that the norm has actually changed, that the beautiful civilization have embraced our idea the beautiful?" sir Mix-A-Lot wrote in one essay forThe Hollywood Reporter."That"s the way I take it it."

Rather 보다 delete the post,Blake chose to stick by it, and also in one interview with guide Calloway ~ above Shade 45 ~ above Tuesday, she finally described why.

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"It"s something i was proud of," the actress said, referring to her derriere. "I never ever meant to offend anyone. But Sir Mix-A-Lot, the actually claimed a yes, really nice thing, he was very defensive and also kind, because it"s just about celebrating women"s bodies, and also that"s what i was doing."

"I would never ever want come hurt anyone"s feeling or upset anyone," she continued. "I was celebrating my body ... It"s pretty to have actually a quite curve and not look prefer you"re starving come death."

In the same interview, the actress walk on to remind she fans the the red carpet isn"t representative the reality, and like everyone else, she was merely feeling herself and her watch after putting a lot of initiative into it.

"What i look prefer on a red carpet is not what i look like in real life," she said. "Even in the dress, I"m wearing a great, tiny corset that choose someone has cinched me in in ~ an inch of mine life and it"s the most favorable version."

"When ns go home and take off the dress and look in the mirror, ns don"t look favor that either," she continued. "It"s funny to dress up and also look good on the red carpet but it"s no representative ."