The \"House that Lies\" star tells the talk show host around how a three-toed guest at her 31st birthday led to a \"full-fledged panic attack.\"


Kristen Bell has made her affection for sloths known throughout several interviews, yet viewers the Tuesday’s Ellen gained to understand just just how deeply she cares for the slow, three-toed animals.

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“The job of mine birthday, we’re sit in the living room and also I hear a knock at the door,” Bell told host Ellen DeGeneres the her current 31st invested with fiance Dax Shepard. “He says, ‘Your current is here… I had no context for understanding what that was, however I got the dogs and walk into the earlier room of the house and also I was immediately overcome and also I thought, ‘There’s a sloth near.\"”

Shepard, star of NBC’s Parenthood, did certainly arrange because that a sloth to attend Bell’s party. And when he went to tell her around the surprise, video clip camera in hand, he captured her mid-meltdown.

“I didn’t know just how to procedure that… my whole life had been resulting in that moment,” she said. “I start to have a full-fledged panic attack. Ns don’t know exactly how to compete with all this emotion, so i crawl ~ above the bed and also I’m crying for this reason hard.”

Bell lugged the footage for the Ellen audience, and also it really need to be seen to it is in believed. And for anyone thinking her hysterics could be component of a gag, DeGeneres quick suggest the a sloth is waiting backstage prompts a teary relapse.

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