It’s no an enig that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West love a twinning couple moment. ~ all, nothing says “bae belongs to me” quite choose swaddling yourself in a beloved piece of apparel stolen the end of your S.O.’s wardrobe. And that’s precisely what Mrs. West did yesterday, showing up at LAX in a pair that Yeezy PVC booties and also her husband’s controversial, graffiti-scrawled jean jacket.

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Kim’s airport look to be pure 90s rock and also ‘roll glam, pairing she husband’s jacket v a black choker, button-up tank, ripped skinny jeans, a Birkin, and of food the previously mentioned Yeezy boots the rapper had actually custom-made for his betrothed. If the fact star looked effortless do her means out the town, particularly considering her traditional latex attire, the borrowed jacket in inquiry is at this time at the center of a little bit of imaginative controversy.

As it transforms out, West’s beat-up, scribbled on denim isn’t the product of a so late night punk music-fueled DIY session, however rather the work of Australian designer Pauly Bonomelli who has produced a number of custom one-off pieces for Kanye, as well as A$AP Rocky, featuring his signature heavily collaged, graffiti-inspired style.

This certain piece is one homage come a actual jacket worn by a homeless punk teenager called Tweeky Dave that was immortalized in the photography that Jim Goldberg and also featured prominently in his 1995 book, Raised through Wolves. (Are you starting to see why this certain monograph may have recorded Kanye’s eye?) The rapper’s coat isn’t an accurate replica, however it does traction a number of lines of text straight from Goldberg’s images of the drug-addled teen, and also according come i-D the photographer is no happy about it.

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Goldberg, that still owns Dave’s original design, called the magazine, “For the coat to become sold as fashion — it really placed me end the edge. The spirit and also intention the Kanye could be right, however the path in which that is presenting that is wrong. All definition has been lost. forgetting history — no acknowledging where that style came indigenous is wrong.”

Kanye has actually yet to do an official statement regarding the piece of denim or his creative appropriation, however, it’s kind of an amazing testament come the fashion affect of Ye that once he attract a jacket emblazoned through “Nazi tweeks rule” and “F— Off and also Die” no one even bats one eye.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West share the exact same NSFW Graffiti-Covered coat - and It"s bring about Controversy