This is another garage sale discover by my good frifinish Larry – an 8mm cine cam made by US manufacturer Keystone of Boston Mass.

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This was fundamental consumer version created throughout WWII, and would certainly have actually been a famous alternative for US serviceguys and their families.


Like various other cine camperiods of this era, it’s an all metal building, via a crackle end up dark green/brown paint task. The form reminds me of a sardine can!

The cam comes with a Wollensak Velostigmat 1:2.5 13 mm Lens, which isn’t the greatest for IQ, yet actually was said to develop reasonable results considering the price and little size of the unit.
The instructions for exposure are on a handy plate, best tbelow on the front of the electronic camera – so it takes simply a 2nd to evaluation the lighting problems and also decide on the ideal aperture establishing.

On the rear of the cam, we find manage for film rate – the traditional 16 fps, a low rate 12 fps, and a slow-movement 48 fps.
The eyeitem is just below that, and is somewhat tiny – you can basically work out if you have actually the topic in frame, however that’s around it.

Just like all traditional 8mm camperiods, you loaded the film in a darkened location to prevent too much light expocertain, and also then had actually to readjust the film over, and also run it the other method, after the first 25′ pass.
The exposed film (Actually 16mm wide) would be break-up down the middle at the lab, offering you a last 50′ reel of Standard 8mm film.
Power was offered through a clockwork motor – via a chromed ‘Mickey Mousage Ears’ winder vital. The footage respond to is height left, so you have actually some idea of exactly how much film you have remaining.
Unfortunately, being a cheaper design, the motor had a habit of slowing down as the spring wound down, so the film speed would certainly adjust, making the activity show up to rate up!
The viewfinder appears to have a swing-in mask for shooting telephoto – so I assume the original video camera came via a screw-on telephoto adapter lens – which is lacking from this one.
Amazingly, this cam still runs as soon as you wind it up – the device sounds a small crunchy, however my guess would be that it would still have the ability to shoot a roll of 8mm film, simply as it did during WWII.
Keyrock preserved producing camperiods all the means via to 1991, once they inevitably folded – yet it’s exceptional to review that their 16mm camperiods from the 40s are still in usage today.

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