There’s another twist that’s surfaced, surrounding Keshia Knight-Pulliam and also her future ex husband, Ed Hartwell.

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Keshia Knight-Pulliam, Ed Hartwell

A source claims the the previous NFL’er believed she was cheating ~ above him v her ex and that that is the dad of she unborn child, follow to the daily Mail Online.

As formerly reported, Ed filed because that divorce indigenous his wife of eight months on Monday, and also allegedly, blindsided the actress, who had actually just announced she to be pregnant. Ed has additionally demanded a paternity test.

On Thursday, Keshia denied cheating allegations and also legally has launched a fight to keep her property and earnings indigenous before and during the marriage away from her estranged husband.


Big Tigger

Reportedly, Ed suspected Keshia had continued her relationship with ex-boyfriend radio/TV personality Big Tigger (real name Darian Morgan) after they to be married. Keshia and also Tigger were together before she began dating Ed.


Tigger, Pulliam

The insider revealed:

Ed believes that Keshia had actually been having an affair v her ex-boyfriend. They date for more than a year and even attend a White home Black background Month event together prior to they abruptly damaged up in late 2015. Their breakup to be so quiet and her connection with Ed Hartwell taken place so fast later on that once she announced she to be married, plenty of press outlets inadvertently ran picture of her and also Tigger.

Pulliam fired back in a solution to she husband’s divorce filing, demanding to keep the previous couple’s lavish Atlanta home, her Cosby display fortune and everything she earned throughout her eight month of marriage.


Keshia article Pulliam

In divorce documents, Keshia has inquiry to keep the house the pair shared. Your five-bedroom mansion in a suburb southern of Atlanta offered in April because that $500,000.

The TV star also wants to host on to she earnings, which consists of the money she earned on the Cosby Show, and also property from prior to she to be married. The resource said:

Ed had suspected the couple may have maintained their sexual relationship even though she relocated on with him and also that the baby can actually it is in Tigger’s instead. Keshia is adamant that is not the case, and also she’s embarrassed every one of this is walking on. The Cosby Show kids pride us on gift drama-free and also never being in the headlines. The truth that she is connected in some “Maury Povich-type” drama is every little thing she’s operated to keep away from.

Tigger has yet to talk about this rumor, nor has Keshia.

Update #2.

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We’ve got an to exclude, statement concerning the story:

A resource close to him stated that the is at this time out that the country and will it is in addressing these ridiculous rumors top top his V-103 radio display in Atlanta top top Monday, during his Trending Topics segment.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams
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