Keri Russell welcomed a baby in May, yet has continued to be mum about her newborn. That is till Friday, once she showed up on the Today present to chat v Matt Lauer.

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“He’s for this reason good,” the Felicity alum stated of her new baby, revealing the she had a boy and that her brand-new bundle of joy is named Sam. Great ol‘ Sam. “He’s large and fat and nice,” she added.

Russell, 40, welcomed her baby boy v The Americans co-star and partner Matthew Rhys, 41, end Memorial job weekend.

The actress is already a mom to two kids — flow Deary, 8, and Willa Deary, 4 — from she previous marital relationship with ex-husband Shane Deary, who she divorce in 2013. This will certainly be Rhys’ first child.

In enhancement to her role as undercover Russian certified dealer Elizabeth top top The Americans, which just wrapped up its 4th season in June, Russell stars in the Civil battle film Free State the Jones (in theatre now) together Matthew McConaughey and also Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

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