McKenzie Caldwell-Pope

Check the end Mrs. McKenzie Caldwell-Pope! this stunning lady is the lovely mam of NBA player Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, the superior 6’5″ point guard currently playing because that the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Prior come signing with the Lakers on July 13, 2017, Caldwell-Pope played for the Detroit Pistons, the team that initially drafted him with the 8th as whole pick in the an initial round throughout the 2013 NBA Draft.

He additionally played university basketball through the Bulldogs at the university of Georgia and also at his hometown that Greenville, GA wherein he attended Greenville High School.

In addition to, the Georgia Bulldogs, Caldwell-Pope got scholarships provides from Florida State, Georgia Tech, Tennessee and also Alabama.


Dallas, Texas native McKenzie Caldwell-Pope to be born McKenzie Raquel Redmon; she graduated in might 2013, indigenous Louisiana technology with a level in service Marketing; she additionally studied abroad in Paris for part time.

McKenzie has been into fashion ever because she to be a tiny girl; so obtaining jobs related to fashion was a no-brainier.

I have constantly loved fashion. I was the freshman in high school trotting with campus in heels! HA! buy one acquire one because that $10 at Charolette Russe to be my jam! but I always had a passion for making my outfits look at luxury even on a budget

One of her first jobs was as a sales rep in ~ Forever 21; subsequently, job a task as a intuitive merchandiser at Victoria’s Secret. After college, she operated for a neighborhood designer, KimiKouture.

It to be while functioning there the she met Kentavious.

I met mine husband (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope) in Dallas, Texas 3 years ago. The plays because that the Detroit Pistons and they to be in city to play the Dallas Mavericks.

At the time, ns was functioning for a local designer and we were hosting an event at a lounge in the city.

Kentavious and his teammates had an extra night in town and happened to display up at our event (fate!).

As the night walk on my girlfriend noticed that staring at me, yet he was too shy come speak. He finished up asking my friend to introduce us and….. The remainder is history!

Dating wasn’t easy, no only because it would certainly be a long-distance relationship, but because McKenzie had to be sure if he was the right male to lug into her son’s life. Kenzo, was simply one as soon as Kentavious came into their lives.

I have constantly been very protective end my son, Kenzo, and also hadn’t date anyone else since he was born.

I didn’t allow Kenzo and Kentavious to satisfy until about 6 months into our relationship, however from work one lock have had an unbreakable bond.

The way he love my son, make me love him even more. Even three years later, to check out them with each other still renders my love melt. At that point, ns knew he to be the one.

In addition to Kenzo, Kentavious and McKenzie room the proud parents to two more gorgeous and also amazing children; 3-year-old Kentavious Jr. And 1-year-old Kendrix.


They dated because that a while and flew ago and forth, yet then Kentavious did what his love told him to; the date was October 8, 2015.

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“One day i was getting into a car to fly back to Dallas as soon as Kentavious quit me, placed a ring on my finger, and said he can not let me leave again there is no the promise the my residence would be through him from climate on,”

McKenzie and Kentavious bound the node on June 11, 2016, in ~ the St. Regis in Atlanta.