Kelli Giddish of regulation & Order: SVU is married to Lawrence Faulborn, and also expecting their very first child.Robin Marchant/Getty Images

What’s in the water in ~ Law & Order: SVU‘s fictitious 16th precinct? shortly after SVU vet Ice T evidenced that his wife, Coco, is expecting the couple’s first child, NBC showrunner Warren Leight flood via Twitter that Ice’s costar Kelli Giddish is pregnant too!

TheKelliGiddish and also L Faulborn having actually a baby. #SVU — most fertile display on Earth. Congrats all!!” Leight wrote in a retweeted response to ice cream T’s society media announcement. An NBC rep additionally confirmed the news come Us Weekly.

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TheKelliGiddish and L Faulborn having actually a baby. #SVU — most fertile show on Earth. Congrats all!!

— Warren Leight (
warrenleightTV) July 27, 2015

Giddish isnt just celebrating a pregnancy, though. On June 20, the actress married Lawrence Faulborn in one intimate awareness in brand-new Smyrna Beach, Fla.

Paradise coast Weddings reported on their web site that Giddish and also Faulborn tied the node in a rustic beachfront ceremony with simply 12 guests in attendance. “Kelli, Larry, and also their families were a pleasure to work-related with . . . And the wedding to be gorgeous,” the wedding planners revealed.


Kelli Giddish married Lawrence Faulborn top top June 20 in brand-new Smyrna Beach, Fla. Maya/Edwin/

For her trip down the aisle, the mom-to-be determined a V-neck gown with quick sleeves, accessorized through a crown, wedge espadrilles, and bouquet of glowing yellow flowers. Her groom kept a casual vibe in a white linen shirt, blue slacks, and flip-flops.

Giddish — who plays Amanda Rollins, the companion of Ice’s Fin Tutuola — has been part of the police procedural since 2011. SVU returns because that Season 17 in September.

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