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AnonymousSo Kanye crashed because he was crashed out.Irony at its best!Elizabeth from Myrtle Beach, ScI remained in a pretty bad accident myself recently. Ns was fight by what could only be defined as a drunk driver, lock haven"t found him yet. I had actually stitches above my eye and also my eight was broken in 2 spots. The only thing I could think around was the damage and how ns was going come pay because that it. I heard ~ above the radio the there is a ar I can get good discount Volvo components that ns need. I was for this reason happy with the deals ns got.

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deeprez_ native Arizona, AzMase once melted a Wu flavor flag, and Ghost punched him."If you could feel just how my face felt, you would certainly know exactly how Mase felt"-Kanye westRebeca native Spartanburg, ScI haven"t listened come this yet, i choose stronger though :DNikki native Chicago, IlThanks Jesse, "Chi-town was standing up!" and also to the comment around Kanye West reppin" Chicago. Ns think he does way better than R. Kelly reppin" Chicago since he got to back,he"s help Chicago artist that haven"t had much mainstreet success and also discovering new Chicago artist. He"s helping Shawnna, Twista, carry out or Die, Bumpy Johnson, Rhymefest, Lupe Fiasco and Malik Yusef and he"s presenting the human being to GLC, yes, really Doe. Hustle and G.O.O.D. Music (2 Kanye labels and also management companies) space going to placed Chicago ~ above the map in the near feature that civilization from Chicago won"t have to leave and also go to NY or LA, etc. To pursue their music careers.Evan indigenous Pensacola, FlKanye West is a great solo artist. If you carry out not think so you obviously gibberish listened to plenty of of his songs and also if you think this is his best song, once again, you havent listened to lot of his music. The track is good, however by far not one of his best. I am a large fan the music and also kanye is in my optimal 5. You should listen come Kanye"s an initial album The university Dropout. Even though he has actually a many featured artist, that is quiet a an excellent solo artist. He is a lyricist. Hear to Spaceship, never ever let friend down, family Business, and also Last Call. All on his first album.Mariana native Charleston, ScEmmett Till to be from Chicago, I"m quite sure. The instance made headlines likewise because his mother had actually an open up casket because that Emmett, despite--or since of--his mutilated face. The newspaper Jet photographed it and put the on their cover, which much more or less compelled a many America to challenge racism in the country. And also yeah, this track is amazing. Stefanie Magura from rock Hill, ScIf ns remember correctly, emmett it spins wasn"t native Mississippi. He had just gone down there come visit his grandparents. As a result, he didn"t know as much around the segregation the was walking on in the southern at the time. ~ all, the southern at the time was among the worst locations for black people to live. Segregation was rampant and also if any type of of them claimed anything wrong or did anything not correct they might be brutally mutilated. Feel free to exactly me if any kind of of this is wrong. Go anyone understand where Emmett till was from? the didn"t live in the south. I desire to to speak he was from Michigan, but I"m really not sure.Kristen indigenous Aurora, IlHey what around his various other songs? His song institution Spirit mentions my college in Aurora.Jesse native Chicago, Ilsecond the all, Not because R. Kelly(save the jokes) has someone stood for chicago in the R&B/hip hop civilization so proud in their musicJesse indigenous Chicago, IlFirst of all, Nikki, you summed up this track perfectly in Every little thing you said, I came to this website to say. You conserved me the trouble. Thanx.Jesse=CHI TOWNAllison from new York, NyThis track is Kanye"s finest by far. You can hear in his voice how much he loves music. Yet although Kanye is a good producer (Jay-Z, Twista, keysha cole) hes no a an excellent solo artist. The a shame every his songs arent this goodsee much more comments
i Walk The LineJohnny Cash

Johnny Cash promised to stay true come his first wife in "I walk The Line," but when the song came to be a fight he found himself on the road, having an affair through June Carter, who came to be his 2nd wife.

perform You Realize??The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips" "Do girlfriend Realize??" was called in in march 2009 the official Rock track of Oklahoma. 4 years later, Oklahoma"s governor mar Fallin traction the tune as the state"s official rock track in a move her office stated had an ext to carry out with top priorities than musical taste.

TelephoneLady Gaga

The Lady Gaga/Beyoncé cooperation "Telephone" isn"t simply about turning down an undesirable caller, it"s one analog for just how Gaga was feeling overwhelmed, like a phone call was always ringing in she head.


Pitbull only raps for about a minute on "Timber." Kesha does most of the work.

permit The job BeginThe call

Al Gore decided an inspiring but obscure campaign song once he ran for president in 2000: "Let The day Begin" through The Call.

Why Can"t us Be Friends?War

War obtained the idea for "Why Can"t us Be Friends?" when they were traveling in Japan and also found they had actually a kinship v the citizens even though they didn"t speak the very same language.

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Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and John Malkovich are just a couple of of the film stars who have actually moonlighted in music videos.

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From the lake in "Roundabout" come Sister Bluebird in "Starship Trooper," Jon Anderson talks around how nature and spirituality play into his lyrics for Yes.

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The "All i Want" singer went through a lengthy depression, playing part shows as soon as he didn"t desire to be alive.

Andy McClusky the OMDSongwriter Interviews

Known in America for the fight "If girlfriend Leave," OMD is a substantial influence on contemporary electronic music.

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The Yardbirds drummer describes how they created their sound and also talks about working v their famous guitarists.

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