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Justin Bieber and also Selena Gomez photographed while castle were dating years ago. Christopher Polk/Getty pictures
Reports that Selena Gomez and also Justin Bieber rekindled your relationship have actually been swirling because that weeks.

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On Wednesday night they were photographed kissing in ~ an ice cream rink.Gomez to be there come cheer ~ above Bieber together he play hockey.This PDA appears to make their date status more official.

Selena Gomez, 25, andJustin Bieber, 23, room officially in ~ the level of your rekindled partnership where they"re comfortable v full-on PDA. The pair were spottedkissing on November 15 at an ice cream rink in Los Angeles. Sel was there to support the "Love Yourself" singer during yet anotherone the his hockey games.

As if over there wasanydoubt that things between these two were gaining serious, they mutual an intimate smooch best there in the middle of the area because that everyone about to see.

Seriously, you need to check the adorable moment out!See images of Selena and Justin kissing here.

—TMZ (
GomezSource) November 16, 2017

Selena attended the hockey video game in a blue hoodie that repped Justin"s Los Angeles hockey team. She took it off for the heated minute though! The singer wore a black color t-shirt as she got to over the rink"s barrier to offer the hockey player a sweet smooch. Now that"s just how you cheer someone on!

We can"t gain over this pics — Justin hadn"t also left the ice yet!? He simply lifted increase his helmet come reciprocate the romantic gesture. These tworeallycan"t gain enoughof each other, deserve to they?!See photos of Selena and Justin"s cutest moment here.

These two aren"t the only exes who"ve been getting super near again lately. Prior to reconnecting through the "Sorry" singer, Selena datedThe Weeknd, 27, for a hard ten months. Well, the "Can"t feel My Face" singer was recentlyspotted sneaking outof 21-year-old ex-girlfriendBella Hadid"s apartment in the wee morning hours on November 14.

What"s walk on v all this rekindled romances lately? will these 2 follow in Jelena"s footsteps and start pack on the PDA soon? just time will tell! for now, we"ll just keep freaking out over Justin and Selena"s kiss.

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