After 33 year of late-night hosting, David Letterman will quickly be stepping down, and some that Dave"s favorite guests and A-list friends have been preventing by because that one last visit (and kiss) with the belovedLate Showhost.

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On Wednesday, Oscar winner Julia Roberts made her 26th figure on Letterman, and she common her storage of debut illustration on the top CBS show.

"The first time i was on this present was to promote Mystic Pizza, and I, together a fan of the show, did not want to come on since I had seen girlfriend absolutely dismember young actresses of mine peer group," Roberts, 47, admitted to Letterman. "And i thought, "I"m gonna walk on and also he"s gonna know, within 10 seconds, what my I.Q. Is, and is walking to, like a samurai, simply Benihana me into pieces. And also I"ll it is in left for dead, and forgotten."

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Her memory showed up to bring up a sensitive subject that felt favor it may have been ~ above the host"s mind together he conveniently approaches his last episode on may 20.

"What do you claimed was wrong through me?" Letterman, 68, asked, with a touching honesty. "Why would certainly I behave that way?"

"You didn"t law that means to me," the Pretty woman star said, smiling. "Thus the 26th appearance."

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"But why to be it feasible for friend to have that perception?" Letterman pushed. "And I"m not saying with you that that perception to be false, but if ns was law that… why? What to be the issue with me?"

Roberts" answer was simple, however cut to the main point of the issue.

"Because, i think, stupid civilization annoy you," she said, laughing. It to be clear from Letterman"s hearty laugh and also smile that this was most likely the absolute truth.

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Keeping up through tradition, Roberts and Letterman common one critical kiss. The actress and host have actually made it a habit the smooching anytime Roberts is top top the Late Show, and her last appearance was no exception. Letterman ordered his friend’s face and also planted one appropriate on she mouth!



Letterman will certainly say his final goodbye come the Late Show audience in a star-studded send-off following week. Here"s an insidelook right into the host"s upcoming cool finale.

Inside His last 'Late Show': how David Letterman will certainly Say goodbye

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