The JoBros’ manager, Phil McIntyre, has actually blue and also white running v his veins. McIntyre prospered up in the area as a townie and eventually go on come attend pen State. Understandably, the love for penn State deserve to potentially be traced ago to this point.

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September 2, 2008: The “Burnin’ Up” Tour involves The Bryce Jordan Center

The Burnin’ Up tour made a avoid at the BJC back in 2008, which is the very first known interaction the Jonas Brothers had actually with the area.

Courtesy that Bernie PuntAugust 15, 2010: Joe celebrate His 21st in ~ Champs

After a show in Hershey, Joe make the trip to State university to memory his 21st birthday at Champs phibìc Atherton. When the Champs Downtown us all know and love today might not have actually yet existed, Joe still obtained the pen State experience in addition to a deep love because that the sporting activities bar, at the urging of McIntyre.

February 17, 2017: DNCE Performs in ~ THON and Champs

DNCE made an appearance in ~ THON 2017 and set somewhat of a criterion for surprised performances. Complying with the THON show, the band headed to Champs for one more surprise set.

January 2, 2017: Joe and Nick attend the 2017 rose Bowl

Joe and also Nick were spotted ~ above the sidelines the the 2017 rose Bowl game when penn State faced USC. Dressed in penn State gear, the brother were even showing your love and also support for pen State end the hometown Trojans. Regrettably for the Nittany Lions, even with the JoBros in attendance, L.A. (, L.A. Baby) wasn’t the city desires are do of.

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April 5, 2019: Jonas Brothers carry out At Champs

After dropping hints on Twitter, the Jonas Brothers and also the “J-Sisters” landed in State College for one more impromptu performance.

Like any normal visitors, they stopped at Beaver stadium to snap a group picture and climate headed end to Champs for surprise concert ~ powering the bar to a thrilling, overtime win versus Harper’s that Michigan State. They even acquired a welcome indigenous James Franklin, who gave them their very own jerseys and also invited them to the White Out.

Courtesy of James FranklinAugust 31, 2019: Joe Attends penn State’s house Opener, brother Visit four Diamonds Teen

After another suggestive tweet, Joe cheered on the Nittany Lions from the sidelines versus Idaho before a present in Hershey that very same night.