The Nittany type of Lion dances through DNCE as they perdevelop in the time of THON 2017 on Friday, Feb. 17, 2017.

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Kevin Kelley

It’s no secret that the Jonas Brothers have dominated conversations at Penn State for the previous couple of weeks.

Recently, Champs Downtown has actually been in 5th Year’s Barstool Best Bar competition, and Joe Jonas expressed his love for the bar on March 23 as soon as Champs took on Sally’s Saloon of University of Minnesota in the competition.

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I had actually my 2first at champs. This location rules. Obvious winner right here.

Since then, Joe has repeatedly posted on social media encouraging his followers to vote for Champs, which was then followed by an iconic, pop-up appearance by the band at Champs Downtvery own.

So what drove the Jonas Brothers to be so passionate about Penn State?

Their association via Penn State has blown up because their surpincrease visit and also performance on April 5 at Champs Downtown. Alengthy through playing the classics, the Jonas Brothers debuted the first live performance of their new song “Cool.”

ChampsPennState!! Best bar ever? EVER! We are Penn State