Nick Viall"s tenure as The Bachelor came come a snowy close when he popped the concern to Canadian teacher Vanessa Grimaldi, but the happily ever before after seemed to end with an ext of a question mark than noþeles else. Fans were surprised by how the new couple acted during the After the Finale Rose special, because despite protestations of joy Nick and Vanessa just seemed... Awkward. However, their push tour didn"t end there, and Nick and Vanessa"s newlywed game on Jimmy Kimmel Live! showed a an ext united front 보다 fans observed in the finale.

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Kimmel handed Nick and Vanessa notecards and pens prior to proceeding come ask them inquiries to see just how well they yes, really knew every other. Based on After the final Rose, that can have easily been a disaster, yet instead Nick and also Vanessa increased to the occasion – no that they to be being asked an especially tough questions. The segment to be light and also funny; that wasn"t designed to pilgrimage them up. Kimmel asked castle four quick questions and gave them a prize for every correct answer: a cherry pitter, a turkey baster, and a panini press. And then there was the pièce de résistance: a set of plates v the encounters of every previous Bachelor and Bachelorette on them.

Kimmel inquiry if Nick and also Vanessa knew each other"s middle names, which lock did: Nick"s is Joseph and also Vanessa doesn"t have actually one (though Kimmel helpfully listed one, re-christening her Vanessa Phyllis). The grilled them on your astrological indicators (both Libras, born 2 days apart) and celebrity crushes (Vanessa"s is rick Fox and Nick, plainly trying to win points, pretended that didn"t have one). Nick and Vanessa make off through each and also every prize.

But to success the set of bowl (which Vanessa shadily spicy out had actually the faces of two of Nick"s exes top top them), they had actually to answer a huge ticket question: wherein was the an initial place they make love (Side note, it"s no much longer 1961, therefore can society retire the phrase "make love"?)? despite contestants don"t always confirm what walk on in the fantasy suites (and Nick and also Vanessa didn"t get into the gory details), castle both revealed the they slept with each other for the first time in Finland. Those turtlenecks and also bobble hats must have really worked for Vanessa.

Despite the After the last Rose weirdness, the seems like Nick and also Vanessa do recognize a thing or two around one an additional despite getting involved after just a couple of short weeks and also living in different countries. Hopefully that bodes well for their future.

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Fingers crossed.