Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence to be in fine form at the golden Globes top top Sunday together the two nominees introduced clips from their movies Trainwreck and Joy.

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Ricky Gervais introduced the actresses, saying they asked that to point out that they’re ideal friends. “It’s prefer they’ve never had a girlfriend before,” claimed Gervais.

“I’m J.Law,” said Lawrence. “I’m A. Schu,” claimed Schumer.

Lawrence told the comedian the she can’t just provide herself a celebrity nickname. “It has to come naturally,” defined Lawrence.

“Usually lock just contact me a c—” claimed Schumer, together she was bleeped out on television.

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Schumerwent on to test out celebrity couple names for herself, pairing her name v Tom Hardy and also “all that the Hemsworthses.” Lawrence said Schumer the it has to be civilization she’s dating, no just human being she desires to sleep with.

Then the actresses joked about all that the preconceived notions world have of females in Hollywood, including that everyone desires to be friends v “Jen and also Amy” and that they have to be models.

Both Lawrence and also Schumerwere nominated for ideal actress in a motion picture, music or comedy. As soon as Lawrence was called as the winner, Schumer offered her a huge hug and also a stand ovation.

The actressesare an excellent friends; before the Globes, Lawrence even joked that she wanted to wear the exact same gown as Schumer. “I’m just going to need to have Dior make 2 of whatever they’re making because that me,” claimed Lawrence in one interview. The actress later on clarified the she was just kidding.

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The 2 friends room working top top a movie manuscript with Schumer’s sister. They went on a girls’ expedition together in 2015 and also danced through each other on optimal of Billy Joel’s piano in Chicago.

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