Jimmy Kimmel Live! recruited a dozen of today"s greatest basketball stars and former NBA legends come read median tweets people have written about them on social media on Thursday, to hilarious results.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! recruited a dozen of today"s biggest basketball stars and also former NBA legends come read median tweets human being have written about them on social media ~ above Thursday, come hilarious results.

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Golden State warriors star point guard Stephen Curry eturned because that the latest installment, and also this time his youthful look to be the target that a Twitter user"s hate.

"Have you ever been downloading and install something online and halfway v it simply froze and couldn"t walk anywhere? Think Steph Curry"s puberty," the 28-year-old athlete review aloud, prior to laughing at the tweet. "That"s good."

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"One work Klay Thompson is gonna leaving the home without mental to affix his goatee the he bought indigenous Party City and it"s walking to it is in awkward," Curry"s teammate read about himself, totally stone-faced.

Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin"s mean tweet elicited laughter once he check out his aloud: "Does anyone recognize what Blake Griffin is? go Morgan Freeman and also Carrot height impregnate an Amazon or what happened…."

Apparently, Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook doesn"t understand his Star Wars. "Russell Westbrook look choose Jar jar Binks," the NBA pro read, slightly confused. "I"ll take her word because that it. I don"t recognize who he is … but sure."

watch the rest of the "Mean Tweets," including Magic Johnson, Shaquille O"Neal, DeAndre Jordan, Reggie Miller, Jalen Rose and also Dikembe Mutombo in the video above.

To watch Shaq go undercover as a Lyft driver and also fool daily customers, push play ~ above the video below.

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