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Update: Jacob"s reps have refuted these claims.

Jacob Sartorius may only be 13 years old, but he"s already embroiled in a serious controversy. Although the YouTube star has previously been accused of saying offensive things about fans, he"s now being slammed for reportedly messaging a girl, asking for nude photos. A Twitter user named
luhsrupp posted screenshots of her Facebook messages with the internet star, from a conversation earlier this January. Some have accused her of faking the messages, but she also posted a video showing them on her phone.

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Editor"s note: Always remember, no means no.


In the conversation, Jacob allegedly gets mad because the fan said she was going to send him photos, but then changed her mind. (Let"s be clear, that is perfectly okay. Nobody should be pressured to do anything they don"t want to do, even if they previously agreed to something. No means no, regardless of when. There are a lot of risks involved with sending naked photos, and it"s also a felony to possess or distribute these photos if the person is underage.)

He allegedly kept pressuring her to send racy photos, but she kept resisting because she didn"t feel comfortable with his request.

The fan kept trying to get him to respect her boundaries, but Jacob allegedly sent a series of shady emojis, which made her feel like she was "gonna cry." That is never a good thing.

The fan kept saying that she was "stressed out" and uncomfortable with sending photos, but he allegedly kept persisting, when he should have just respected her wishes.
If these screenshots are in fact real rather than fabricated, Jacob kept on trying to ask for photos, even after she was refusing. While it"s great that she stood her ground, it"s horrible that she was put in this situation in the first place.

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