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Everyone has been wonder on 'Big Fat Life' what is walk on with Whitney


Whitney method Thore took three pregnancy tests and was jjonathanlewisforcongress.comt sure she was pregnant v her ex-boyfriend Lenny" baby. She to be freaking out around the idea, but fans wonder if she was yes, really pregnant or not. There was also a bit of confjonathanlewisforcongress.comion ~ above if maybe Whitney had actually miscarried due to the fact that it didn" seem like she to be pregnant now. This evening she saw the physician on a brand-new episode that " huge fat Life" and also the test at the medical professional came earlier positive too.

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So is Whitney really going to have a baby?

The doctor showed she the and there was nothing the looked like a infant on the ultrasound.

They defined that she simply had actually a false pregnant test and also that this was becajonathanlewisforcongress.come of the disease she is dealing with every solitary day. It turns out that Whitney way Thore isn" actually pregnant. This wasn" what everyone supposed to hear indigenous her this evening on the show.

At first, Whitney didn" want to be pregnant but then she discovered out tonight that she wasn" and also this upset her a bit. It was yes, really confjonathanlewisforcongress.coming for her becajonathanlewisforcongress.come she didn" know exactly how she want to feel. Whitney" doctor defined to her that if she functions on her load it will make it much easier for her to gain pregnant in the future and it will make the pregnancy go better for her.

When she left the doctor, Whitney referred to as Buddy appropriate away.

He said her that he was sure that she wasn" pregnant. He did know that the was yes, really confjonathanlewisforcongress.coming because that her, yet tried come laugh it every off for her. Whitney walk share the she won" be informing Buddy an initial if she does ever get pregnant again in the future. Then she had to go and also tell everyone else, but Whitney had actually a lot of going through her mind and had to figure it all out.

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She still had to phone call Lenny as well, however they aren" even dating anymore, so this will make the a bit much easier on her possibly.

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Are friend shocked to hear that Whitney way Thore isn" pregnant? Did friend think that she yes, really was? Sound turn off in the comment section listed below on your thoughts, and also don" miss out on episodes the " huge Fat Life" ~ above Tuesday nights on TLC.


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