Word approximately town is a new pair just obtained engaged, and this news is yes, really super. Supergirl co-star’s Melissa Benoist and also Chris timber announced on social media that they are collection to tie the knot after dating for virtually two years. Benoist post a snapshot of it s her smiling through the ring while wood kissed she on the cheek, she captioned the picture “yes correct yes the will constantly be yes♥️.” below are 5thingss come know about Melissa Benoist’s fiancé chris Wood.

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He’s an actor

The 30-year-old Ohio aboriginal is no stranger to Hollywood. Wood has actually acted in a plethora of television shows including The Vampire Diaries, Containment, The Carrie Diaries and more. 

Wood met Benoist ~ above the set of Supergirl

Benoist and Wood met on set in 2016 as soon as Wood landing the function of Supergirl’s love interest Mon-El. Things were heater up romantically onscreen and then offscreen in 2017 once the couple was photographed kissing on the beach in Cancun. Wood showed up on Supergirl for 2 seasons, yet his character traveled to the future at the end of season 3 and did no return because that season 4. 

He’s dated a few other co-stars before

Wood date his co-star indigenous The Carrie Diaries, AnnaSophia Robb because that a year in 2013 and also his co-star indigenous Containment, Hanna Mangan-Lawrence briefly in 2016 prior to meeting Benoist. Benoist has also had a relationship with her co-star, in 2013 Benoist bound the knot with her Glee co-star Blake Jenner before the two break-up a couple of years later due to distance. The divorce to be finalized in 2017. 


Wood had actually sparks v Benoist ideal away

Andrew Kreisberg, executive, management producer that Supergirl also gushed come Entertainment Weekly about their chemistry in 2016. “The chemistry in between Chris and Melissa is definitely palpable, and we’re loving composing their characters together. The next episode is a huge Kara/Mon-El story that we’re really excited about. Lock both obviously playing coy around what happened, no admitting the they actually did kiss, for this reason how and also when the comes out is walking to be fun and delicious.”

Wood lost his father in 2016 to mental illness

Wood speak at the Mental health America 2016 conference shortly after and also opened as much as Glamour about his loss. “A many of world go through this, and also they don’t should feel ashamed.

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Offer to aid them discover an appointment to speak through someone, or also to companion them if they feel overwhelmed. Admitting they are having actually a problem and also talking around it is the an initial step come recovery, for this reason as long as you remain supportive and encourage them come be energetic in gaining help, you’ll be doing an ext than enough.”