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December 21, 2018 jonathanlewisforcongress.comWestern computer animation Reviewa very animated holiday special, animated, animation, cartoon, Christmas, holiday, invader zim, nickelodeon, review, santa, special

Plot: 2 million years in the future, a robot snowman speak agroup of kids the story of the many horrible X-mas ever, starringour really own Zim and Dib. Zim, having just found Christmas andSanta Claus, decides to use Santa’s influence to enslave the humansof earth. It’s up to Dib to prevent him and also save Christmas.

Breakdown:How have I gone this lengthy without ever talking around Invader Zim?

Being an old institution Nickelodeon fangirl, the course ns loved Zim. Few of the gross stuff was a little much for me, however I to be just starting to get into darker shows, and also Zim to be the perfect blend of darkness and also humor through plenty of personality and wit. It truly was an significant show….that got canceled midway through production of season two…..and the episodes they did finish of season two never also aired on TV until four years after ~ its cancellation.

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All except one.

Yup, The many Horrible X-mas Ever, despite being last on the manufacturing list of completed episodes, is the only episode of season two that Nickelodeon decided to air before axing the present for good. Because holiday specials rake in ratings.

Now, in spite of lovingthis episode…..dammit all if i don’t mental them ever before showingthis once I to be a kid. If castle did, they didn’t air it oftenbecause ns honestly don’t remember lot of it.

That gift said,this is a an excellent episode and also a an excellent holiday special. I had severalmoments whereby I was legitimately laughing out loud, and also both Zim andDib had some fantastic moments and lines. This was just the rightblend that dark humor and holiday goodness, much like the firstFuturama Christmas special just this one was much more tight on thewriting.

Everything indigenous thejokes to the dark facets to the timing and editing was simply amazingin this episode, which simply makes me all the sadder the Invader Zimwas reduced down in its prime (I really should read the comics)

The good news isthat lock releasing an Invader Zim movie in 2019, and also watchingthis special just jazzed me up every the much more to watch it.

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If there were someweak facets of the episode it would certainly be that ns didn’t care for thesong and the plotline v Gaz was yes, really lazy and predictable. Shewas much more of a plot device if anything. Other than that, it to be afantastic episode that I’d gladly include to my ‘Must watch everyyear’ list.