In this rapid guide, i will try to assist you decide, as quick as possible, on whether you should get a Cintiq or one Intuos agree (or maybe just an Intuos).

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The usual upgrading bicycle – through in-between jumps, based upon your money and dedication.

This is the typical upgrading bicycle to walk through. I m sorry is to go from the model you need to a greater one. Your needs might not require you come go through this cycle. As plenty of artists are an extremely happy v their Intuos or Intuos pro that they don’t need to upgrade to anything else because that years.


Some world would certainly be happy to update from the Intuos line to the Cintiq, while part others are much better off continuing to be with their current Intuos Pro.

Trying to guess the best way to pick the finest graphics tablet for you. I have actually made the diagram below to do it faster to do decision. Ns tried to encompass all the main points in there. Yet some that the minor details are discussed in this article.



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Cintiq VS Intuos pro comparison: determining which graphics tablet is the most perfect for you: –

In instance you room still confused about which graphic tablet or pen screen to get. I have depicted the key points to help you decision whether you should move the Cintiq, or obtain an Intuos pro instead: –

Click ~ above the photo to view it in full size

Intuos VS Cintiq VS Intuos agree – This diagram will hopefully aid you pick the most perfect graphics tablet computer for you.

Get the Cintiq if you work-related a most time ~ above digital art

If you have actually the possibility to try it at part shop just do it. So that you won’t regret it. This is really important, since while the Cintiq is wonderful, that is no really for everyone. And also you are the best judge when it concerns it being an ideal to you.If you no like moving your hand to attract while looking on the screen at the very same time.You have negative hand-eye coordination with continual graphics tablet.You deserve to afford it. When some people prefer the Intuos to the Cintiq, most people report that the Cintiq is an ext comfortable & herbal than the Intuos.If you space already great at illustration by hand & want to use your drawing an abilities digitally together well.If you arrangement to usage it mainly for drawing or painting. This is especially the case if you carry out a the majority of line art.If girlfriend are experienced who would advantage from the raised productivity you will gain from it.

Fortunately, acquiring a supplied Cintiq deserve to makes that much less complicated to obtain one for part of the price.

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Get the Intuos or Intuos pro if you: –

Only do straightforward graphics & picture editing.Depend top top vector graphics choose the pen tool to do your work.Can’t afford come buy the Cintiq (Obviously) :)Use keyboard shortcuts a lot.Wants a larger tablet. As the largest Intuos agree costs around %20 the the bigger Cintiq models.Use keyboard shortcuts all the time. Together it is not basic to usage those v the Cintiq.

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