With the Currencies data kind you can easily get and compare exchange rates from about the world. In this article, you"ll learn how to enter money pairs, convert them right into a data type, and also extract much more information for robust data. 


Use the Currencies data type to calculation exchange rates

Enter the money pair in a cell using this format: From currency / come Currency with the ISO currency codes.

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For example, enter "USD/EUR" to get the exchange price from one United claims Dollar to Euros.

Select the cells and then choose Insert > Table. Although creating a table isn"t required, it"ll do inserting data indigenous the data kind much easier later.

With the cells still selected, go to the Data tab and select the Currencies data type.If Excel finds a match between the currency pair and also our data provider, your message will convert to a data kind and you"ll see the Currencies icon

in the cell.

Note: If you watch

in the cell instead of the Currencies icon, climate Excel is having difficulty matching the message with data. Correct any kind of mistakes and also press get in to shot again. Or, select the symbol to open up the Data Selector where you can search for a money pair or clues the data you need. 

To extract much more information from the Currencies data type, choose one or much more converted cells and select the Insert Data switch

that shows up or press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F5.

You"ll view a perform of all the fields easily accessible to choose from. Pick the fields to include a new column the data.

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For example, Price represents the exchange rate for the currency pair, Last profession Time represents the time the exchange rate was quoted.

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