Ethical immigration

America is a nation built by immigrants, and we need to restore our commitment to diversity, inclusivity and opportunity. Trump has ushered in a new era of hatred and intolerance in America, especially towards immigrants. In Congress I will fight this wave with tangible policies to counter Trump and the Republicans’ dangerous agenda and to protect the immigrants who are so essential to both the fabric of our nation and the strength of our economy.

As a Congressperson I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform that treats immigrants fairly and with dignity. I will:

  • Protect Dreamers and DACA. Labeling children brought here at a young age by their parents as illegal and threatening to uproot them from their homes and communities to countries they may not even remember borders on cruelty. Young immigrants who want to work towards a better life and contribute to our society deserve the opportunity to earn citizenship from moral, social, and economic standpoints. Providing future members of the workforce with legal status will lead to substantial economic gains. Most importantly, protecting these children is a moral imperative that honors our nation’s tradition of respect for those who wish to partake in the American dream. I will fight to protect Dreamers and their families by proposing increased funding of legal services for immigrants.
  • Treat immigrants with the dignity every human deserves. The first step is with fundamentally reforming ICE. The goal of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency should be to protect our borders. And yet Trump has transformed ICE into a group to enact his witch hunts, persecuting and interning immigrants. We need to guarantee due process. The policies of breaking up families and interning pregnant mothers are nothing short of criminal and must be reversed immediately. Hard-working families and those seeking our asylum and protection shouldn’t have to live in fear.
  • Increase economic opportunities for immigrants and ensure reasonable paths to citizenship. To renew our nation’s fundamental commitment to diversity and immigrants we must overhaul citizenship policies to decrease wait times and provide accessible legal paths to citizenship. Fees and fines must be minimized throughout the process. There should not be barriers to citizenship based on someone’s wealth level or country of origin.