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Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn this day in 1987 April 26th "Looking for A brand-new Love" by Jody Watley peaked in ~ #2 for 4 weeks top top Billboard"s height 100* chart, for it"s first two weeks in ~ #2, the #1 document for both those weeks was "(I Just) passed away In her Arms" by the cut Crew, and for it"s third and 4th week at #2, "Without Or there is no You" through U2 was in the peak spot..."Looking because that A brand-new Love" peaked at #1 on both the Billboard"s hot R&B Singles chart and the Canadian RPM Singles chart...Between 1987 and also 1998 the Chicago, Illinois native had fourteen documents on the top 100 chart, 7 made the top 10 v her two best hits both peaking at #2, the over "Looking because that A brand-new Love" and also "Real Love" for two weeks in might of 1989...One of her fourteen charted was a duet v Eric B. And also Rakim, "Friends", that peaked in ~ #9 in 1989...Jody Vanessa Watley commemorated her 61st birthday three months ago on January 30th, 2020...* and from the "For What It"s Worth" department, the Billboard"s peak 10 on April 26th, 1987:At #1. "(I Just) died In her Arms" through the cut Crew#2. The above "Looking for A brand-new Love"#3. "Don"t Dream It"s Over" by crowded House#4. "La Isla Bonita" through Madonna#5. "Sign "O" The Times" by Prince#6. "With Or without You" by U2#7. "I Knew friend Were waiting For Me" by Aretha Franklin & George Michael#8. "The Finer Things" through Steve Winwood#9. "Nothing"s Gonna stop Us Now" by Starship#10. "Stone Love" by Kool & The GangBarry native Sauquoit, NyOn October 3, 1987, Jody Watley to be a guest top top the American syndicated musical television regime "Solid Gold"...At the time Ms. Watley didn"t have actually a record on Billboard"s optimal 100 chart, throughout the calendar year that 1987 she had three charted records, "Looking because that A brand-new Love" #2*, "Still A Thrill" #56, and "Don"t You desire Me" #6... Jody Vanessa Watley will certainly celebrate she 59th date of birth this comes January 30th 2018...* "Looking for A brand-new Love" to be #2 for 4 weeks; because that it"s first two weeks at #2, the #1 record was "(I Just) died In your Arms" by the cutting Crew, and for weeks 3 and also 4, "With Or without You" by U2 was in the height spot.John indigenous Nashville, TnCo-writer Andre Cymone to be the base player because that Prince indigenous 1979 to 1981. He released three solo albums top top Columbia (1981"s LIVIN" IN THE brand-new WAVE, 1983"s surviving IN THE 80s, and 1985"s AC). The Prince written and also produced track "The dance Electric" to be Cymone"s greatest hit.see an ext comments
he Ain"t Heavy, He"s my BrotherThe Hollies

The motto for guys Town, which was a Nebraska residence for troubled youth, inspired the tune "He Ain"t Heavy, He"s my Brother" through The Hollies.

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The A TeamEd Sheeran

Ed Sheeran"s first single to be "The A Team," a song about a drug-addicted prostitute.

Hotline BlingDrake

The fadeout top top Drake"s "Hotline Bling" large 55 seconds - one of the longest outros of any type of hip-hop hit.

Blurred LinesRobin Thicke

Robin Thicke and also his mom, Gloria Loring are the an initial the first ever mother-and-son to have both tallied top 10 singles on the hot 100 together solo artist or duos. Loring reached #2 v Carl Anderson in 1986 through "Friends and also Lovers" and also Thicke topped the graph in 2013 with "Blurred Lines."

The memory RemainsMetallica

An unanticipated guest vocal: Marianne Faithfull ~ above the Metallica track "The storage Remains." A star in the "60s, this participation helped revive she career.

All ns Wanna DoSheryl raven

"All ns Wanna Do" by Sheryl Crow began with the first line indigenous an obscure poem referred to as "Fun" the read, "All ns wanna perform is have actually some fun."

at an early stage Days the MTVFact or Fiction

If you can recall the days when MTV played videos, you know that over there are numerous stories come tell. See if you can spot the actual ones.

Protest SongsMusic Quiz

How well perform you understand your protest song (including the one that visited #1)?

Todd RundgrenSongwriter Interviews

Todd Rundgren defines why he prevents "Hello It"s Me," and also what it to be like creating Meat Loaf"s Bat out of Hell album.

Jim Adkins the Jimmy Eat WorldSongwriter Interviews

Jim talks about the affect of "The Middle" and also uses a tree metaphor to describe his songwriting philosophy.

decision WatersSongwriter Interviews

Waters speak the "Gypsy Woman" story, shares several of her songwriting insights, and explains exactly how Dennis Rodman ended up on among her songs.

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Brenda RussellSongwriter Interviews

Brenda talks about the motivation that drove her to compose hit songs prefer "Get Here" and "Piano in the Dark," and also why a absence of official music training can be a songwriter"s best asset.