Iggy Azalea Rapping Nonsense, also known by the hashtag #StopIggy2015, refers to a Vine clip that the Australian rapper improvising an a capella rendition of she 2011 self-released i know good hop solitary "D.R.U.G.S" throughout her power at a concert in 2013. Following the late appearance of the video clip in march 2015, it spurred a hold of remix and mashup videos mocking she perceived absence of rapping an abilities both on Vine and YouTube.

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The initial footage the Iggy Azalea performing "D.R.U.G.S" at the 2013 european hip hop music festival Splash! in Ferropolis, Germany to be uploaded by YouTuber ItsIggyIgz ~ above December 28th, 2014, just days after one more clip that the rapper performing one awkward freestyle verse on the morning radio routine Sway In The Morning surfaced on Vine. Within 3 months, the full-length video clip on YouTube garnered an ext than 317,000 views.


A quick vine clip that the video clip was posted by user damn tommy on in march 16th, 2015, and in 2 weeks obtained 22 million loops, 75k likes, 34.2K Revines, and also 6,021 Comments.

On in march 17th, the video was featured on numerous popular blogs, including Mashable<1>, new York Magazine"s "Vulture" blog<2>, and the Huffington Post<3>. Remixes and repurposed sound-bytes the the piece began to appear on Vine using the hashtag #StopIggy2015. There room now much more than 500 short articles with this hash tag. Few of the most popular vines have virtually as numerous loops together the original, v the many popular, by user Don Jesus<4>, nearing 20 million loops in five days.

On Twitter<5>, user
desusnice posted a video clip attempting a feeling translation of the rap, which got 827 retweets and 834 favorites in 3 days.

WINDOW victory WIN win pic.twitter.com/NJ0gSYb9eY

— Desus quite (




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