N00-N99 - Diseases of the genitourinary systemN80-N98 - Noninflammatory disorders of female genital tractN92 - Excessive, regular and irregular menstruationN92.6 - Ircontinuous menstruation, unspecified
N92.6 - Irconstant menstruation, unspecified is a sample topic from the ICD-10-CM.

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"N92.6 - Irconstant Menstruation, Unspecified." ICD-10-CM, 10th ed., Centers for Meditreatment and Medicassist Services and the National Center for Health Statistics, 2018. ICD-10, www.unboundmedication.com/icd/view/ICD-10-CM/951185/all/N92_6___Irregular_menstruation__unstated.
N92.6 - Irconstant menstruation, unmentioned. ICD-10-CM. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the National Center for Health Statistics; 2018. https://www.jonathanlewisforcongress.com/icd/view/ICD-10-CM/951185/all/N92_6___Irregular_menstruation__unstated. Accessed September 19, 2021.
N92.6 - Irregular menstruation, unstated. (2018). In ICD-10-CM (10th edition). Centers for Medicare and also Medicaid Services and also the National Center for Health Statistics. https://www.unboundmedication.com/icd/view/ICD-10-CM/951185/all/N92_6___Irregular_menstruation__unspecified
N92.6 - Ircontinuous Menstruation, Unmentioned . In: ICD-10-CM. Centers for Meditreatment and Medicaid Services and also the National Center for Health Statistics; 2018. . Available from: https://www.unboundmedication.com/icd/view/ICD-10-CM/951185/all/N92_6___Irregular_menstruation__unmentioned.
TY - ELECT1 - N92.6 - Irconstant menstruation, unspecifiedID - 951185BT - ICD-10-CMUR - https://www.unboundmedication.com/icd/view/ICD-10-CM/951185/all/N92_6___Irregular_menstruation__unspecifiedPB - Centers for Medicare and also Medichelp Services and also the National Center for Health StatisticsET - 10DB - ICD-10DP - Unbound MedicineER -

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