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Why Sunblock first?The biggest enemy of her skin is the sun. That is why all oriental ahjoomas space wearing big suncap and long sleeve tee throughout hot summer.

Did you understand that 90% of her skin ageing comes from the sun?So prior to you usage expensive anti ageing product or wrinkle treatment product, you re welcome use an excellent sunblock every job (Even it rain or if you invest the entirety day indoors, you need to wear sunblock! UVA lot is always same regardless of the weather and also it comes within through home window and anywhere!). 

But i saw many of my SG friends are not using sunblock, since they couldn"t discover the ideal one. Their previous sunblocks carried skin trouble or felt the is also thick or dry, and sometimes the made them look prefer a ghost! Also, If you layer foundation or cushion over, friend will watch these patches everywhere on her face. Therefore they skipped sun care process, not discovering it is the many important component of skin care routine!

Take a watch at how this van driver"s face is drastically changed from the harmful UV rays of the sun

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4 Reasons that jonathanlewisforcongress.com recommend IWLT Sunblock

Only organic & healthy Glow : that is not white, yet natural skin tone colour. If you don"t like white cast, this is the perfect product. It only offers a pretty glow, which will last transparent the day. Appropriate after you apply IWLT sunblock, you have the right to see organic tone-up booster result (yay for brightened face!). Perfect base prior to your make up. After sunblock, use BB (or your preferred structure or Cushion.)Fast absorb & great Adherence : that is not thick textured cream, the is an extremely light weight lotion type, so friend feel like you are applying soft lotion. Thanks to its irradiate texture, you can apply it as a very thin layer, i m sorry helps rapid absorption and good adherence. All- day moisturising : My favourite component is that high technology which includes Hydro gel elastomer within the formula. Therefore unlike various other sunblock, which renders you feeling dry, IWLT sunblock will have all work moisturising effect (only moisturising not sticky)! Double UV guard : Have you wonder what is UVA and also UVB? In UV rays there are two different rays and it will reason different type of damages on her skin. (Kindly to express the image below.) So once you pick sunblock you need to carefully examine both PA (level the protection against UVA) and SPF (level that protection against UVB).

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As you can see IWLT has actually highest level in both measurement!
Key ingredients of IWLT Sunblock :Pycnogenol: (Flavonoid complicated from pine Tree), which protects Collagen, improves hyper-pigmentation, and also protects capillary vessels.Ceramide 3: gives girlfriend brightening effect. 

We recommend utilizing CLE CCC Cream after using IWLT sun Cream. Clock Jungmin perform it in the video below! Our finest pairing duo to acquire yourself ready quickly and easily! 

Chosen together Andrea"s fav sunlight cream among other jonathanlewisforcongress.com products

She likes exactly how the IWLT sunlight Cream comes with its very own pump and it come in a tinted shade that brightens and also gives a natural glow~