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This makes perfect sense to me.

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What"s this genre called, is it favor slant luck or something choose that? There"s a term because that it.

Early ~ above morning; In the center of the night

Two dead boys; acquired up to Fight

Back to back; They faced each other

Drew your swords; and also shot every other

A hearing disabled policeman heard the noise

and came and killed thetwo dead boys.

Early top top morning; In the center of the night

Two dead boys; gained up to Fight

Back come back; They challenged each other

Drew their swords; and also shot each other

A hearing deactivated policeman heard the noise

and came and also killed thetwo dead boys.

You forgot the last line:

"If friend don"t beleive this lied is true, questioning the blind man, he witnessed it too."

I likewise think the an initial line went:

"One fine day in the middle of the night..."

I can"t aid but speak it anymore. It has been programmed in my mind for the phrase "said the remote man..." come be repeated after speak "I see."

I can"t assist but to speak it anymore. It has actually been programmed in my brain for the expression "said the remote man..." to be repetitive after saying "I see."

Here"s one my grand told me

Monkey sit on the end of a railpicking his teeth v the end of his tailSasafrass leaves and calico sleevesMy old teacher is simple to please.

I mental this one end 30 years later - it to be from The greatest Joke publication Ever (ad no idea why i remember that so well):

Ladies and Jellyspoons!

I stand prior to you to stand behind you

To tell friend something I understand nothing about.

Since following Thursday will certainly be good Friday,

There will certainly be a Father"s Day meeting for mothers only.

Please undertake your best clothes, if you don"t have any

And please continue to be at home, if you deserve to be there.

Admission is free, you re welcome pay in ~ the door

Have a chair on me; you re welcome sit ~ above the floor

But no matter where you manage to sit, the guy on the balcony will definitely spit.

Now I present to you, the next act:

The 4 corners of the ring table.

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Subject: RE: A funny city I remember native chidhood

for some factor I have two ditty"s/poems the my dad provided to phone call us when mum wasn"t around. We thought they were hilarious!

Oh dear what deserve to the issue be

three old women locked in the lavatory

they"ve been there monday to saturday

nobody knew they were there.

and the second

My auntie mary had a canary, increase the foot of she drawers

when she farted, down it darted never went there no more.

both to be sung to us in a strong yorkshire accent and we would certainly be in hysterics laughing in ~ him!

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Subject: RE: A funny city I remember indigenous chidhood

A funny bird the pelican

his mine holds more than his bellycan

I don"t know how the hellycan

that funny bird the pelican

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Subject: RE: A funny city I remember native chidhood

A funny bird the pelican

his beak holds an ext than his bellycan

I don"t know exactly how the hellycan

that funny bird the pelican

A wonderful bird is a pelican,His bill will certainly hold an ext than his belican.He can take in his beakFood enough for a week;But I"m damned if i see how the helican. "The Pelican" (1910) by Dixon Lanire Merrith is another poem frequently misattributed come (Ogden) Nash


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Pro 4292 Evanston,
Subject: RE: A funny poem I remember indigenous chidhood

The Pobble, who has actually no toes,

Had once as numerous as we

When he Aunt Jobisca said he"d lose them all,

He replied, "Fish-diddle-dee-dee!"

The poem proceeds to explain the Pobble"s adventure. I liked it even more than The Owl and also the Pussycat, i beg your pardon is come say: a lot.

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Master 1655 NJ
Subject: RE: A funny city I remember native chidhood
skinny bilinky long legs large banana feet visited the movie couldn"t find their seat once the movie started large banana farted thin bilinky long legs huge banana feet.
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Subject: RE: A funny city I remember indigenous chidhood

Johnny concerned school and also said,

"Durn, ns growed another head"

Teacher claimed "it"s time you knowed

The indigenous is prospered instead of growed".

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Shel Silverstein, wherein The Sidewalk Ends

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Subject: RE: A funny poem I remember native chidhood

How i remember every indigenous of this ns dont know. The is in reality a fun little song:

Three Irishmen, three Irishmena digging in a ditch.One called the various other onea dirty child of a, Peter had actually a dog, a mighty well dog to be he.Gave it to a lady friend to keep her company.She taught it, she taughtshe taught it exactly how to jump.Jumped up her fanny coatand little her on the country boy,country young a sitting on a rock. Along come a bumble bee and stung the on the cocktail,ginger ale, five cents a glass.If friend dont like the price you have the right to shove it increase yourask me no questionsI"ll tell you recognize lies.If you ever get hitwith a bucket that sh
#,be sure to close her eyes.

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Subject: RE: A funny city I remember indigenous chidhood
What the....I remember this one too. I provided to recite this in the course during mine elementary days. (Old thread but this one watched my attention, lol)
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