What is significance of IGY6?

The intention behind the acronym is deep and also heart touching. The IGY6 tattoo is to let those having suicidal think to understand that your story isn’t over. The project Semicolon is spread out awareness around suicide from PTSD (Post Traumatic stress and anxiety Disorder) self-destruction or self-harm as response for their problems. The acronym is a reminder the many people out there are willing to aid and assistance you in your struggle. If you satisfy someone v the IGY6 tattoo, you deserve to be sure he is a girlfriend to aid you.

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What is definition of IGY6 Tattoo?

The IGY6 tattoo or ;IGY6 tattoo have a special meaning. As we usage a semicolon to to end a sentence, yet chose no to. Simply as the mark is a sign for reader to pause before continuing a sentence, likewise the person should adopt the symbol together a reminder that their story isn’t over yet and also to reconsider the decision the harming themself.

What does igy6 was standing for?

The IGY6 means “I got Your Six.” This hatchet originates The six stands is a military thing pertained to the clock, as in when you’re behind someone, you’re positioned in ~ his or she 6, or back. To placed it an ext clearly, it means, “I obtained Your Back”. World having this tattoo design are send a blog post of affirmation and also solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues.

Best IGY6 Tattoo Colors:

The colors of the IGY6 tattoo space important because each color has its own meaning. Mainly the tattoo starts with a teal semicolon.

Teal Color: This is the shade used for the semicolon and is connected to spread out awareness the PTSD (Post Traumatic anxiety Disorder).Black Color: The black color of the “IGY” symbolizes the sadness us feel for those who suffer from PTSD and also those who have actually lost loved ones to suicide since of PTSD.Red Color: The “6” is frequently red, representing the bloodshed over the year of losing civilization to suicide.

Best IGY6 Tattoo designs:

The acronym IGY6 has a certain message, yet there space some variations of this tattoo. Below are some of the trending IGY6 tattoos designs v their meanings.

IGY6 22 Tattoo:

The IGY6 tattoo an unified with the 22 is another way to portray the exact same idea. The statistics display that 22 veterans commit suicide each day and also the 22 included to the IGY6 tattoo is a method to present your support to the veterans together with everyone else. The score is to do the points to gain the suicide price from 22 veterans a day to none.


Military IGY6 Tattoo:

Adding a military insignia or logo with the IGY6 tattoo serves together a assistance for all veterans experiencing from PTSD, depression, and also anxiety. This is come show certain allegiance to fellow soldiers and to support any soldier that is considering finishing their lives.

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Skull and also IGY6 Tattoo:

The IGY6 tattoo combined with the skull is used to yes, really emphasize the trouble we have actually today v suicide. The skull symbolizes death but potentially a new beginning. In this case, it have the right to have a dual meaning. An initial to display we are trying to prevent these deaths by showing the skull. Secondly, the skull symbolizes new life in part cultures. In this sense, it means that we have the right to reconsider the assumed of suicide and start over.