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UPDATE: Tuesday, Nov. 17 (5:57 p.m. ET) – A rep for Charlie Sheen is firing ago at Bree Olson’s claims, make this morning on The Howard Stern Show, the Sheen had unprotected sex v her (using lambskin condoms, which protect versus pregnancy but not disease) when he knew he had contracted the HIV virus, and didn’t phone call her.

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“Bree Olson is all over Howard Stern yet the truth is she wasn’t in Charlie’s life when he was HIV-positive and also so there to be no reason to tell she anything,”; Sheen’s manager, note Burg, tells PEOPLE.

When Olson lived with Sheen in 2011, notes Burg, lived v Sheen in early 2011, the Anger Management star was “100 per cent HIV-negative,”; and was frequently tested in ~ the time.

“His was lengthy after that fired Bree Olsen native the tour,”; Burg adds.

Former adult movie actress Bree Olson is ideal known as one of Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses,”; and also lived with the actor throughout the crazy duration of his publicly meltdown in 2011.

Following Sheen’s admission that he’s HIV-positive, Olson appeared on this morning’s Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM to set the document straight, admitting she found out around Sheen’s clinical status “right along with everyone else… 3 days back I started getting calls,”; she said Stern.

The question on Stern’s mind: did Sheen tell Olson that he had actually HIV? “He never ever said anything come me,”; said Olson. “I was his girlfriend. I lived v him… we had actually sex practically every day for a year.”;

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“Unprotected sex?”; request Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers.

“With lambskin condoms,”; answered Olson, i beg your pardon protect against pregnancy but not HIV.

Olson freshly tweeted that she had just take away an HIV test, and for the first time publicly revealed the results on Stern’s show. “I am negative for HIV,”; she declares, revealing that she’s to be receiving threatening messages in which human being are blaming she for Sheen’s condition, speak she “gave Charlie Sheen AIDS”; due to the fact that of she porn-star past.

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However, she confirmed Stern a copy the her current HIV test, revealing she is HIV-free.

Olson also denies marketing stories around her former boyfriend to tabloids. “I never ever went and also sold any kind of of mine stories,”; she speak Stern. “He’s one ex-boyfriend. Of food I have stories. Yet I have never said anything an adverse about him.”;

Olson listens come Sheen’s interview with Matt Lauer, stating that he only had unprotected sex with two human being after his diagnosis, both of who he notified of his condition. “That’s bulls**t,”; she says. “He doesn’t even value my life… now, because of him, anytime who hears my name they think the HIV right next to it.”;

Does Sheen owe she a phone call, asks Stern, come say he’s sorry? “I don’t desire it,”; claims Olson. “If he dubbed up and also said, “Hey, this is Charlie…"”; states Stern. Replies Olson. “I would certainly say f*** you!”;