Click her name and then click account info kind in password etc. Even though she may not seem really active this is likely due to the unpopular redesign the was freshly released by snapchat.

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Scroll under to the subheading that states settings you will certainly then watch the tiny subscriptions menu.


How come delete kylie jenner application account. Kylie jenner is defending charging she fans a monthly fees of 299 to accessibility her brand-new lifestyle mobile app. Kylie jenner official application navigation is simple. It will certainly then take it you right into account info in that there will be plenty of different sub headings.

In your emails you will have an email from itunes store titled girlfriend ve subscribed to the main kendall jenner app or whoever you subscribed to go into the email down the bottom you will see regulate subscriptions click the attach which will certainly then take it you come the itunes keep where you deserve to unsubscribe. Go kylie jenner delete her snapchat. Revolve the rejuvenation offits pretty directly forward once you see the page.

as of currently kylie jenner has not deleted her snapchat account. Kylie has actually made it well-known that she is no a pan of the new snapchat update and also that she walk not even open the application anymore. 10 off her order dont miss out ~ above product launches and exclusive supplies straight to her inbox.

Swipe down for the menu swipe ideal to left because that the kontent and swipe up to go back to the key menu. The 18 year old truth superstar and also her famed older sisters kim kardashian khloe. However you simply accessibility itunes from her computer.

walk to account view my account enter you password on slide down and also after the you will see my subscriptions so click on it and you probably will watch it. I cant unsubscribe from kylie jenner app.

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Walk to account view my account go into you password slide down and also after that you will watch my subscriptions so click on it and also you probably will check out it.