The "Jazz" manage board is what Whirlpool (devices of Amana and also Maytag appliances) calls the Adaptive Defrost Control (ADC) board offered in some models of french door and bottom-mount Maytag and Amana refrigerators. You can identify the Jazz regulate board by the two, single-digit digital displays for the freezer and fresh food temperature adjustment that are located at the optimal of the fresh food compartment.

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These Jazz boards fail pretty commonly. The two most prevalent faitempt settings on these boards are

1) Failure to initiate defrost and

2) Failure to stop the compressor during defrost.

In both instances, the evaporator frosts up so much that air can not circulation with it anyeven more. When I acquire the speak to, the typical complaint is that the freezer temperatures are fine but the fresh food compartment (the beer compartment) is not cold sufficient.

Troubleshooting these Jazz boards is pretty straightforward. Put the unit into required defrost mode and also watch if the defrost heating aspect in the freezer heats up. You deserve to tell this in a variety of ways:

- feel the heating facet (carefully!) if you deserve to reach it

- listen for sizzling as the frost melts off the evaporator and hits the warm element

- meacertain current or wattage readjust (need to increase)-- a Kill-A-Watt meter makes this quick and also easy to carry out.

The compressor must shut off during defrost. If you still hear it running, then you don"t must perform any type of further troubleshooting because you understand the Jazz board is negative and also you deserve to go ahead and also replace it.

If the defrost heater does not get hot in compelled defrost mode, then you have to disassemble the freezer and also inspect continuity of the defrost limiter and also defrost heater. But, I gotta tell ya, in these devices I replace much more Jazz boards than I carry out defrost limiters. And I don"t think I"ve ever before had actually to relocation a defrost heater in one of these models.

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So, how execute you put the Jazz control board into forced defrost mode? I thought you"d never before ask! The technology sheet behind the toe grill has actually instructions favor this:


You can watch me in action as I display you how to run diagnostics on these boards, including placing it right into compelled defrost mode.

As much as replacing the Jazz board, there are a couple methods out there. First thing is to remove the light cover (the clear plastic part over the lights behind the regulate panel). It simply slides back and off. That"s the simple component.

One means to gain at the Jazz board is to rerelocate the entire regulate housing, favor ahso:


The other method, and my preferred technique, is to simply unclip the Jazz board housing, letting it swing dvery own, but leaving the remainder of the manage real estate undamaged, prefer ahso:


You deserve to likewise watch me in action as I rearea the Jazz Board in among these refrigerators: