NOTE: The original tab I had posted below was done in a rush around 10 years ago. I just re-visited the song and also made part corrections and additions. Ns have included my interpretation of the an initial 2 fills. I believe every one of the fills are played end the D chord. Over there are about 15 filling in this song and I think there are 3 guitars, a fiddle and also a harmonica. At the very least one that the guitars is in drop D tuning. Chords Used

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D Am7 The preacher male says the the finish of time G D and also the Mississippi River shes a goin dry Fill 1
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D e----------------------------------------------------| B----------------------------------------------------| G----------------------------------------------------| D---------0--0-0-----0-0-0--0-0-----0-0-------------0| A-3h5------------3h5------------3h5-----3p0-----3h5--| D-------------------------------------------3p0(0)---|
D Am7 The interest is up and the stock markets down G D and also you only get mugged if girlfriend go under town Fill 2
D e--------------------------------------------------------| B-------3-----3--------3-----3---------3-----------------| G------------------------2---------------2---------------| D-----0---0----------0-----0---------0-----0-------------| A-3h5------------3h5-------------3h5---------0-0h3p0-----| D----------------------------------------------------3-0-|

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D Am7 ns live back in the woods you watch G D mine woman and also the kids and the dogs and me Fill Chorus D Am7 I gained a shotgun a rifle and also a four wheel drive G Am7 D and also a country boy deserve to survive C G D country folks have the right to survive Fill D Am7 I can plow a ar all day lengthy G D I have the right to cetch catfish native dusk it rotates dawn Fill D Am7 we make our own whiskey and our own smoke as well G D Ain"t too plenty of things this ole boys can"t execute Fill D Am7 us grow good ole tomatas and homemade alcohol G Am7 D and a nation boy deserve to survive C G D nation folks can survive___ Bridge G F because you cain"t starve united state out and also you cain"t make us run C G cause when castle ole boys increased on shotgun G F we say grace and also we to speak ma"am C G If friend ain"t right into that us don"t give a cursed Repeat Intro Fill D Am7 We come from the West Virginia charcoal mines G D and also the Rocky Mountains and the west Skies Fill Chorus D Am7 and we deserve to skin a buck we have the right to run a trot line G Am7 D and also a country boy can survive C G D country folks can survive Fill D Am7 I had a an excellent friend in new York City G D he never dubbed me by mine name just HillBilly Fill D Am7 my GrandPa teach me come live off the soil G D and his teach him to it is in a bus-i-ness man Fill D Am7 He offered to send me pictures of the Broadway Nights G D and I"d send him some homemade alcohol Fill D Am7 yet he was killed by a guy with a switch blade knife G D because that forty 3 dollars mine friend shed his life Fill D Am7 I"d love come spit part Beechnut in that dudes eye G D an shoot "im v my ole forty-five G Am7 D reason a country boy deserve to survive C G D nation folks can survive Repeat Bridge D Am7 to be from phibìc California and also South Alabam G D And small towns all roughly this floor Fill Chorus D Am7 and also we have the right to skin a buck and also run a trot heat G Am7 D and a country boy can survive C G D nation folks can survive Am7 G D country boy have the right to survive C G D Am7 G G G G G D country folks deserve to survi____________________ve tabbed by: