You may not have the ability to take a dry vacation appropriate now, yet at the very least you have the right to crack open your own coconut and pretend.

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Jennifer Campestrini

on facebook twitter pinterest share come start, know that a coconut has actually several parts. ~ above the outside, a coconut is spanned in a thick, fibrous husk. As soon as removed, the coconut covering inside is reveal. The coconut shell is a small, one encasing the holds both the coconut meat, i m sorry is attached to the shell, and also the coconut water. The husk have to be removed to watch the coconut covering within.

I likewise quickly learned that there are 3 different stages of ripeness that a coconut. A coconut plucked ideal off of a palm tree is a " coconut"; that is bright environment-friendly on the outside and relatively heavy. It includes a large amount that coconut water and a thin, versatile layer of coconut meat. Within several weeks, a coconut will development in ripeness right into what is often dubbed a " coconut" i m sorry is much more dull in color. Several added weeks later, a coconut will ripen into what is called a " coconut." on the outside, a mature coconut will certainly be a dull, dark brown color. This coconut has a big amount the thick, difficult coconut meat, and also a little amount of coconut water.

With all of this additional knowledge, i was prepared to begin. I filmed my first time attempting these approaches so any kind of beginner can rest assured the this really is easy, fun, and absolutely feasible to do.

Opening a mature Coconut

mature coconuts room the most popular variety carried by health food stores. This is because they perform not need refrigeration or other comparable methods to keep their integrity. Castle are regularly found amongst the unrefrigerated create section in ~ grocery and health food stores. As watched in the video, I uncovered mine by the bananas. Lock are nearly always de-husked before displayed because that sale. This means that the coconut will just consist the the coconut shell, which contains the coconut meat and also water. It will have the distinguishable 3 circles on height of it, similar to a bowling ball.

If you purchase one of these, every you will need to open that is:


-a screwdriver or long, thick nail

-a hammer

-a glass to collection the coconut water

-As viewed in the video, you deserve to steady the coconut on your countertop through a hand or food towel also. 

Steps to remove the Coconut Water:

1. Place the coconut v the 3 dark circles dealing with up. Steady it through a towel.

2. Location the finish of the driver or nail onto among the 3 circles. 

3. Hammer the nail into the hole. Remove and also repeat with the various other two holes.

4. Eliminate the screwdriver and place the coconut, holes next down, right into a glass come drain.

5. Collection coconut water and enjoy

Steps to remove the Coconut Meat:

1. Holding the coconut in one hand through one side of the coconut in her palm, hammer the exposed next of the coconut. Try your ideal to hammer ideal in the middle of the coconut.

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2. Continue hammering if rotating the coconut

3. When it has actually cracked open, location the 2 halves that the mature coconut onto a baking sheet and place in the stove for 10-15 minute at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

4. Eliminate from the oven and permit to cool for second 10-15 minutes. 

5. Edge the coconut down onto a cutting board and also use a sharp knife to slice right into the coconut meat till you reach the tough shell. 

6. Use the allude of the knife to lift increase the reduced slice that coconut and remove that from the shell. 

7. Proceed cutting and also lifting the coconut meat until all is removed from the shell.