Build sheltered beds because that Sanctuary inhabitants is a pursuit objective in the mission Sanctuary in fallout 4.

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This pursuit objective is part of the mission help Preston Garvey build a safe settlement for his men.




I"ve agreed to aid the world in Sanctuary establish a long-term settlement.





Interactive Objects


Workshop Items



Interact through the Workshop nearby.

Click on Furniture and then top top Beds.

Choose among the Beds and place them in her settlement, in an area that has a roof such as among the houses.

You require 4x Steel and also 5x fabric to construct each bed. Friend most likely will have actually them indigenous Junk items you built up from your travels. Those items will certainly be automatically scrapped and convereted to the products you need when you construct the beds. Excess materials will it is in stored in her workshop.

If you do not have sufficient items because that the compelled materials, you deserve to either Scrap ingredient from roughly the settlement, or go collect an ext Junk Items until you have enough materials.

Build 5 Beds.

Strategy Guide/Tips

You can place the beds everywhere within the settlement, not simply in the room through the workshop.




Sturges: You ready to do some work?

Player: I"ll be glad come help. Simply tell me what friend need.

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Sturges: Well, because that starters we might use some real Beds. We"ve been resting on the floor for as well long. Simply make sure we have the right to sleep through a roof over our heads. Few of these old residences still look solid enough to perform the trick. There"s a Workbench over there you deserve to use. Give me a holler if you need anything.

Sanctuary Quest

Build sheltered beds because that Sanctuary settlers
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